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Fat Man

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Herbert Muskie made life miserable for almost everyone he met. Although everyone was affected, I think that Mrs Muskie, Colin and Verna were the most badly treated. The books blurb describes him as a vindictive man. On the other hand some may argue that he has a right to be like this because he was treated so badly as a kid but really the revenge he took didn’t get him anywhere.

Mrs Muskie was without a doubt the most affected person. The way he exploited and tricked her made him seen like the good guy. Gaining such control of her turned her against her other children and it also put one of them out of a job because he also tricked her into letting him control all her finances, in addition he stole her sovereigns.

Ms Muskie knew that someone had taken her sovereigns and Herbert made her think that her daughters had taken them. Everyday she would look for the sovereigns and eventually it drove her mad. She felt tortured and Herbert would lock her in her room. It said in the book, ‘ He and his father started work at eight in the morning and sometimes heard Mrs Muskie calling to be let out of her room’. Once Herbert had taken complete control of Mrs Muskie he decided to get rid of her. Colin had found the body and when they told Herbert to stay away from the creek where the body was Herbert showed his guilt ‘ The Fatman understood instantly, how could he have been so quick’.

Colin was affect a lot by Herbert Muskie as well. Colin as one of the first to realise that Herbert was bad. He harassed Colin and forced him to be his accomplices by making him open a window and giving him a little bit of pay. Because Colin was made his accomplice he couldn’t tell the police ore he would get in trouble too.

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Herbert Musike gained complete favour of Colin’s parents, which made Colin useless so he couldn’t even tell them the truth about Herbert. Colin felt uneasy around Herbert and he made Colin feel so scared and sick that he couldn’t eat around him.

When Herbert met Colin again he made it clear that they were still accomplice in crime by offering chocolate. ‘ Like chocolate do you’, said the fatman. The chocolate was identical to the other chocolate piece. Evidence in the book showed that Colin’s family and friends wouldn’t believe him. ‘Colin couldn’t believe it, there was no one now who would understand him’ � quoted from book.

Verna being Herbert Muskies daughter had to live with him. Herbert treated her badly and made her different. He also cut her hair; he cut her so she would get bullied at school and it would be his fault. He made it so she got bulied because he couldn’t bully her himself because he was her father. When he abused her it made her feel small and hopeless and it really changed her and made her unconfident. Because of Herbert Muskie , Verna’s life became very unstable. He also kidnapped her.

‘We don’t like kids with no hair’ pg. 81. The kids in the schoolyard ganged up on her because of her hair. Evidence that her life had become unstable was ‘ Verna was sure he was taking her there to kill her’.

In conclusion, Herbert Muskie was getting revenge against Laurie but he was also hurting and ruining the lives of Colin, Mrs Muskie and Verna. He is a mean, nasty person and his childhood perhaps made him go insane and completely crazy

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