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Californication by The Red Hot Chili Peppers is one of the truest songs any songwriter has ever taken the time to create. It sums Hollywood up in one word “phony”. Hollywood is about money, vanity, power and influence. Hollywood writers create fashions, styles, and trends while promoting everything from cocaine, heroin and ecstasy to alcohol to smokeless tobaccos and finally the most popular, cigarettes. Smoking is one of the biggest props in Hollywood and while it’s creating a character for the script, it’s giving the tobacco industry, along with other legal and illegal drugs and alcohol, free advertisement.

Philip-Morris and RJ Reynolds are the worlds largest tobacco manufactures and in negations to settle numerous lawsuits have agreed to spend a certain amount of the profits from sales to advertise against their own products. GET YEAR, ETC. OFF INTERNET.

I started smoking when I was thirteen years old. I grew up in metro Atlanta. Smoking was never an option to for me, it was expected. Everyone did it, it made you cool and it usually helped to calm your nerves.

Ninety percent of smokers say they don’t remember why they started or even when. GET PERCENT OFF INTERNET People just start smoking, none of people I interviewed remembered why they really started.

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Frances Persinger, my mom, has smoked for more than forty years. She has tried every available aide to help her quit. At the age of fifty-nine, her health is starting to be affected. She has more sinus problems than she use to, she has to make more stops to catch her breath when she walks long distances, she rattles when she coughs and usually spits up mucus before she finishes and she has chest pains, like her chest is going to explode.

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