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The Diplomatic Juggler

Alisa Jacobs

Bismarck’s underlying objective in his coalition pursuit was to always ally himself with three of the five major European nations so as to avoid war. He considered himself an intermediary in Europe and followed a preventative approach. He sought to evade conflict via precautionary actions and reactions. Bismarck coyly followed a policy of balanced tension through which he provoked the strain between other powers to benefit Germany. It is through these strategies that Bismarck earned the title, “Diplomatic Juggler.”

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Bismarck wanted to protect Austria-Hungary from possible Russian aggression. He did so through the Dual Alliance, which lasted from 187 to 118. The alliance was between Austria-Hungary and Germany. Relations between Russia and Austria-Hungary had soured as a result of Russia attacking Turkey and imposing the Treaty of San Stefano. The Austro-Russian understanding of 187 had fallen victim to upheaval in the Balkans.

In protecting Austria-Hungary from Russia, Germany was looking out for her own interests. If Austria-Hungary were ever to fall then the Russians would be at the German door. This was an actual defensive alliance on the part of Germany. Also in 1881, Bismarck enacted the Austro-Serbian Alliance. Russia fueled his motivation because he wanted to check her influence in the Balkans.

Next Bismark embarked on the Three Emperor’s League including Germany, Russia, and Austria-Hungary. This was an attempt to restore stability to eastern Europe by bringing Russia into the fold of the Dual Alliance. It was not to be successful as Austro-Russian problems flared again with the Bulgarian Crisis of 1886-1867. However, it did last from 1881 to 1887.

In 188, Bismarck hooked up with Italy and Austria Hungary in the Triple Alliance. This strategic alliance was formed for the express purpose of stopping Italy from attacking Austria-Hungary in the event of war with Russia. Bismarcks Reinsurance Treaty with Russia was an attempt to avoid this seemingly inevitable war. From 188 to 116, Bismarck’s Austro-German-Romanian Alliance held up. This alliance again was aggravated by Russian power. Bismarck strove to keep their Balkan power in check.

Bismarck focused on preventing coalitions against Germany after 1878 because he made such a number of agreements and pacts with a range of countries even though they were always going to be fragile. Bismarck’s method of ‘juggling’ Germany’s relations with several countries was never going to work because of how unstable Europe was now that there was a fifth country (before it would have been against which would not have been seen as a threat).

His method of isolating France was not adequate because he always felt threatened by her and always feared an alliance between France and Russia more than anything. Although it is obvious that Bismarck worked hard to make a set of agreements to protect Germany in the future, it is questionable whether there was any country that was actually going to attack them because even France had not fully recovered since it’s defeat by Prussia. Moreover, the ruthless, two-faced tactics Bismarck employed proved both his genius and his tragic flaw. “The best way to fail is to try and please everyone.” Bismarck’s success could not be perpetuated since he left no substantial progress, only his mastermind could reap the success of the situation. In the end, the diplomatic juggler’s balls dropped.

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