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My grandmother

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Indicate a person who has had a significant influence on you, and describe that influence

In the suburbs of Varna city, in a quiet neighborhood stands a small house. There live an old woman and her husband. They are pensioners now and the only thing they do is take care of their children and grandchildren. These two people are my grandparents.

My childhood began in that same house. My grandmother was the person who took care of me in my infant years while my parents were still students.

Looking back to the beginning of my life, I realize that she has had a really deep impact on me. First of all, I’m very grateful to her for treating me with such tender care as if she were my second mother. She also gave me the first school lessons in my life because she used to be a teacher. I had known how to read and write before I went to school. I remember her every night reading to me stories and fairytales, and then discussing the moral. But the most important moral lesson my grandmother gave me was how to be a good person. I learned to be patient with other people’s needs and desires, to be kind, generous and supportive. But later I’ve also learned to stand by my own opinion and defend my goals, to have a motivation for everything I do.

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I have always had a respect for my grandmother. When I was little she sometimes took me with her in her classes and put me on the back desk. This was a moment when I saw her in a

completely new light. She was the teacher, the authority with the classroom � and that applied to me also. I listened to her carefully, not daring to whisper a single word.

Nowadays I consider my grandmother one of my best friends. I love to visit her in the house on the outskirts of the city. We spend the time just sitting over a cup of coffee and talking for hours. It is a bit strange to me how she always manages to understand me and give me a good piece of advice. She is a pretty contemporary grandmother, in fact.

She may well be called the ‘head of the family’. On every occasion the whole family gathers in her and grandpa’s house and we spend a really enjoyable time together. Grandmother sometimes organizes interesting games and a quiz for us to make the atmosphere even friendlier and warmer.

In my eyes my grandmother is a person of many virtues. I highly respect her and appreciate every advice she gives me. She is one of the wisest people I’ve been in touch with. The years I spent with her changed me in a way that I’ve become more responsible and better as a whole. I’ll always remember her words ‘Dont be afraid to take one large step because you cant cross a chasm in two small leaps’. They became my motto that always comes to my mind when I have to take new risks and face unexpected situations.

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