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same stories

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Quite the Same!

Surprisingly enough two stories by two different authors can be the same.

“Truth or Consequences” by Alice Adams and “One Holy Night” by Sandra Cisneros are thematically the same yet their plots are different.

Truth or Consequences is about a girl who doesn’t quite fit in. She is from the north and now is in the south going to school. She tries to fit in with the other girls but it is hard. The title came from a game she played with the other girls and how it affected her. The characters are trying to be accepted into society, mix in with the classes of people, and rebel against everything.

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Being accepted was important to Emily as she grew up in the town of Hilton. She was the outcast of the girls. She was from the north and had an accent as well as dressed differently than the other girls. Emily wore wool skirts while the other girls wore cotton colorful skirts all year long. Emily often wondered as she went on the playground if the other girls would ask her to play a game, and if they did she hoped it was not dodge ball. She thought and wondered if she would be the first one hit and eliminated (Adams 81). The one time she was invited to play a game it ended up being a nightmare for her.

Social class was another important thing in the town of Hilton. There were three distinct classes “At the scale’s top were the professors and their families. Next were the townspeople, storekeepers, bankers, doctors and dentists, none of whom had the prestige nor the money they were later to acquire. Country people were at the bottom group, families living out on the farms that surrounded the town, people who sent their children to school on the yellow trucks (Adams 80).” Emily’s dead father was a banker so they were considered average but seeing as his brother was a professor and Emily’s mom was rich they were put in the upper class. She thought being known as rich was embarrassing and she made her mom stop ordering clothes from a store that rich people shopped in. She wanted to fit in with the other girls and have her clothes from the local shops like the other girls did.

Rebelliousness is the third element of the story but done more by another character. Car Jones, who was another outcast in the story, was rebellious too. He was always being expelled from class for some new acts of rebelliousness (Adams 7).

He was one of the truck children who was overage and oversized for the grades they were in. Although Emily wasn’t being so honest herself on that Saturday morning when she was supposed to meet car and she told her friends she would be late, while she told her mom many excuses, possibly because here mom would not let her go.

One Holy Night by Sandra Cisneros has a few elements of its own that are similar to Truth or Consequences. They share the same three elements of acceptance, class and rebelliousness.

Acceptance was necessary for Ixchel. She was fourteen years old and she met a thirty-seven year old guy while she was working at a push cart. Every Saturday he would

come and buy something from her cart and eventually he made his to have sex with her. After she got pregnant it was hard for her family to accept her and they shipped her off to Mexico “with one wrinkled witch women who rubs her belly with jade, and sixteen nosey cousins (Cisneros 48). Her family never did accept Chaq, and they never would of even if they did not see that he killed those other girls. He was like a bum.

Ixchel was of a higher class than Chaq was. He was a bum and had broken thumbs as well as burnt fingers. “He had thick greasy fingernails he never cut and dusty hair (Cisneros 4).” He used to live in what was a closet behind a store. He had a dirty cot covered with newspapers and a box of socks and rusty tools. He was definitely low class material. Ixchel was from a better family; she had a stable house of a sort and family to come home to. She had a roof over her head, clothes, and food to eat. Chaq was wanted for the murder of eleven females over the last seven years.

Ixchel was a rebellious child who did what she wanted to when she knew she should not of. She knew that on Saturday’s when she was done selling for the day that she needed to go home, but instead she would run off with Chaq to his little place behind some store. She deceived everyone to thinking she came straight home when she knew different. At fourteen the last thing from her mind should have been sex. She rebelled and had sex anyway. “I know I was supposed to feel ashamed, but I wasn’t ashamed. I wanted to stand on top of the highest building, the top-top floor, and yell, I know

(Cisneros 440).” She rebelled against everything she was taught about sex and to wait just to have a moment of glory with an older guy whom she fell in love with.

The two mentioned above happened to have the same elements just different plots. All the characters felt the need to be accepted by others either family or by society and friends. They also were grouped by class or you could read a difference in classes. Rebellious acts also ran through the stories as each of the main character did something against what they were really supposed to do.

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