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Article “Upbeat Bush pushes jobs Initiative”

Macroeconomics is the branch of economics that studies the entire economy, especially such topics as aggregate production, unemployment, inflation, and business cycles. It can be thought of as the study of the economic forest, as compared to microeconomics, which is the study of the economic trees. In the business cycle when there is unemployment in the economy it usually suggests that there is a contraction in the economy, which is one part of the four different phases of economics. America has a President that has planned a 50 billion dollar tax-cut that plans to fuel the economy and will provide more jobs. May all the college students who have two or more years left be thankful that we do not have to find work in a job market like the one we are presently facing. I remember spring semester of my sophomore year I did an unpaid internship because people with master’s degrees and math undergraduate degrees snatched the position I was hoping to get paid for.

Society is faced with a pervasive condition of human existence, called scarcity, that exists because we have unlimited wants and needs, but limited resources. Right now our economy needs to get away from the depletion, which brings about lower prices on clothes, food, and low or no interest rates, because while consumer’s seemingly benefit from these sales or ways to fuel the economy people are losing or have lost their jobs. Manufacturers are taking less money for the products they produce and in turn do not have enough money to hire or keep as many existing employees around. We’re still waiting for some indication that we’ll achieve stability and then actually gain some growth, said Ayre. Growth is our need, but we have limited resources and that is why Bush is trying to free up more resources for consumer’s, which he believes is the opportunity cost.

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