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Sourcing Job Candidates

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May 7, 00

Sourcing Job Candidates

There are many sources available to human resource managers to effectively recruit job candidates. With the use of internal sources of candidates such as internal job postings and hiring employees for a second time, a company can quickly fill a position with a qualified candidate. The HR manager can also look externally to outside sources of candidates, such as advertising, alternative staffing techniques, employee referrals, and the Internet (Dessler). The advantages and disadvantages of the variety of sources available will be researched thoroughly to assist HR managers in making well-informed decisions in recruiting new employee candidates.

Employee referrals can be beneficial for the company because the prospective candidates are often comparable to the current employees. Hiring through internal referrals is often preferred because strong performers tend to know and refer other strong performers. The applicants are likely to know something about the company already and are more likely to fit in. Internal referrals can be quicker and cheaper than other methods of candidate recruiting. To encourage internal referrals, some companies give a bonus to any employee who submits a name that results in a successful hire. The downside is sometimes too much “inbreeding” (Dessler) can hurt the organization, especially if lower quality employees are hired due to nepotism and friendship ties.

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Internet recruiting with companies such as is a quick and inexpensive way to recruit employees that meet your job description. “This Web site provides employers and recruiting professionals with a way to connect with each other online. Employers can post open contract and fulltime recruiting positions, and recruiting professionals can post their profiles and availability” ( An additional way some companies utilize the Internet is by posting job descriptions on their personal web sites, while others post Internet-based “cyber fairs” (Dessler). The Internet gives HR managers a diverse way to search for a variety of job classifications, such as technical, engineering, consulting, management, marketing, sales, and accounting. The disadvantages of recruiting via the Internet using sites such as,, or, and not using a recruiting site, is the inundation of resumes from unqualified applicants, not to mention the number of resumes received from the far reaches of the globe.

If the company is recruiting for blue-collar help, clerical employees, or lower-level administrative employees, advertising in the help wanted ads of the local newspaper is generally the best source (Dessler). Likewise, if the company is recruiting for specialized employees, the best source may be to advertise in trade and professional journals. The drawback to advertising in the newspaper can be the cost of the ad versus the run time of the ad. Similarly, the downside to advertising in trade papers may be the long lead-time that is usually required (Dessler).

An additional method of sourcing job candidates is to hire “employees a second time around” (Dessler). A positive side of rehiring former employees is they already know the business and are familiar with the “company’s culture, style, and ways of doing things” (Dessler). Nevertheless, one negative aspect may be the employee returns with a negative attitude, and can potentially bring employee morale down.

Numerous human resource professionals are using a more widespread and growing source of recruiting; nontraditional recruitment sources, or what is known as alternative staffing techniques. These methods include the use of temporary employees and temp agencies. “Traditional temporary help as well as long-term temporary assignments are common alternative staffing options. Common alternative staffing options are payrolling, independent contractors, employee leasing, outsourcing, and temp-to perm programs” (Dessler). Temporary help can be beneficial for smaller companies because it keeps payroll and benefits cost to a minimum. One negative aspect of temporary help is the commitment to the company, or lack there of, the temporary employee may have. Furthermore, hiring a temporary employee may lower morale of permanent employees.

Currently, sourcing job candidates practices are available to human resource experts through internal sources of candidates and external sources of candidates. With the various methods available advertising, alternative staffing techniques, employee referrals, college recruiting, the Internet, and rehiring former employees, human resource managers can make informed decisions for recruiting the candidate most suited for the job. By researching the pros and cons of a variety of recruiting methods, a human resource manager can keep the cost of hiring new employees to a minimum while keeping the company adequately staffed.

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