Thursday, October 27, 2011

Story Reading Worksheet

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Who is the protagonist?

Who are the other main characters?

Which characters are round (develop, change), which ones are flat

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(known by a superficial description or mannerism)?

Are the flat characters stereotypes?

How are the characters developed comparison and contrast, images,

description, dialogue? Do we know them through external reality or in

terms of internal reality?

Is there dramatic irony in the presentation of character?


What are the key elements we learn in the exposition?

What is the major conflict?

In the rising action, who or what is the antagonist?

Is there a climax/resolution to the conflict in the denouement?

Which is more important, character or plot?

Does the author make use of a traditional plot device the quest, the

journey, the test, mistaken identity etc.?


Where is the story set? To avoid ahistorical distortions, it is important to learn the social reality of the place.

What details do we need to know to fully understand the context of the story?

When is the story set? Is the time period universal or specific?

Is the tone of the description ordinary or bizarre?

How does the author make use of setting? Is it symbolic?

How does the setting affect characters, plot ?

Narrative Point of View ( How the story is told )

Is the story told in the third person?

By an omniscient narrator, partially omniscient narrator, or completely limited narrator? Is this narrator objective?

Is the story told in the first person?

By the protagonist or a bystander? How reliable is this narrator?

How would the story be different if it was told through some other point of view?

In what order does the story unfold and why?

Is there forshadowing? Are there flashbacks?

Tone ( the authors implicit attitude toward his character, the events of the story)

Is the tone sympathetic or critical, objective or personal?

Does the author make use of humor, satire? Why?

Is irony involved, and if so, about what?


Does the author make use of symbolism? Are the symbols traditional or subjective?

How does the author use point of view to develop the theme?

What is it about the imagery, the language, the tone that distinguishes this writers work?

Style is made up of all the previous items, plus syntax (sentence structure), punctuation, paragraphing.

In a typical paragraph, what role do these elements play?


What has the protagonist learned?

What has the reader learned?

In what ways are these the same or different?

What are the subjects of the story family, politics, work, education, poverty, love, money, hate, death, suffering, faith etc. ?

What is it the author is saying to readers about the subject?

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