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Should stem cell research be banned in the United States? I believe it shouldnt be. Stem cell research helps in many ways. It can help paralyzed or physically impaired people. It can lead to a disease for cancer, and the research can advance science so much and could lead to cloning or creating body parts that have worn away.

Stem cell research can help paralyzed or physically impaired people by putting stem cells to grow in the bones or even the muscles. A fetus that no one wants to take care of should be given to stem cell research so it can help or even save a person’s life.

Cancer is a disease of immature cells that stay in one spot and move. Stem cells can be injected into a body part and can grow to try to retaliate against the cancer. With chemotherapy and stem cells, cancer can be defeated. In addition to treating cancer, the study of adult stem cells could lead to insights into cancer cell biology. Recent studies indicate that a small population of cancer stem cells that are capable of self-renewal. By studying adult stem cells to learn more about the genes involved in self-renewal, it may be possible to identify new molecular targets for drug and immune therapies that destroy the self-renewing cancer stem cells.

Stem cell research can advance science so much that it can lead to new cures for other diseases that are fatal. It can also bring scientists to cloning. A person can be cloned for body parts for when they need it or organs. Animals, plants, and vegetables can be cloned if there is a shortage of food.

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