Thursday, October 13, 2011

This was just to get in for free

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and then i went to the house of a cow and he told me to go away so i said hey you cow dont tell me what to do or ill put a shotgun to your head and thatll be it for you and he said try it u fat.... person ill stick my horns through ur face, with that i decided i wasnt going to take any crap from a stupid cow so i pulled out a stick and proceeded hitting him over the head with it, until the time in which he stuck his horn right through my face lol the end.

So while in heaven and being taunted by a number of little red faggots with pitchforks finding my death rather humiliating i camer to the consideration that i was in fact not in heaven and in hell so i took it upon myself to look for satin himself and show him what i was made for, suddenly i looked up seen a sign which read satan this way i turned my attention that way to see a large red mother fucker shooting balls of flames at thing i walked up to him and said oi cop this shit and with a swift kick to the face i knocked him flat on his ass and was proclaimed the new lord of the underworld being proud of my new position i began to strut throughout the land and lived happily ever after

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