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The World without muhammad

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The World without Muhammad

Around 600 A.D. the two major religions were Judaism and Christianity. The Middle East had a large population of Christians while the Jews were mainly in Israel and North Africa. Since the time of Christ and after his death, Christianity has been the largest growing religion. This is mainly due to his zealous followers evangelizing people of different religions.

In the 00’s the Greeks became the leaders in medicine and science. They discovered a form of anesthetic derived from poppies, which is similar to a form of anesthetic that we use today. The Greeks were largely known for their medicinal herbs and concoctions. They became the first to perform operations and amputations on people.

After the Dark Ages, it took Europe until the 18th century to have a productive economy. Europe’s Great Renaissance was in the 18th century and began in France with their discovery of the Spice Trade in the Middle East. France discovered the Spice Trade with Napoleon’s exploration of Africa and Middle East. Before the 18th century Europe had lagged far behind the Orient and Middle East in scientific advancements. This did not allow the Europeans to gain any money in their technology ideas until the Great Renaissance.

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Since its beginnings, the Byzantium Church has been left alone in Constantinople. The Roman Catholic Church has as many followers as the Byzantium Church whose followers are predominately located in the Middle East area. This is due to the seclusion from Western Europe by its distance and by their differences in culture. The Byzantium Church is said to have the most fervent followers.

Around 110 France and England despised each other tremendously. The War of the English Channel was a war between France and England over the land north of France. This war was a naval battle in the English Channel with Richard the Lionhearted as king of England leading the English navy and Phillip II as king of France leading the French navy. The French won the war due to their large navy and its expertise.

The French gained their wealth by exploring Africa and exploiting their people and stealing their raw materials, of which the Africans had very few. This helped them to equip themselves with a large navy. Soon after this, they became the largest military power in all of Europe and the world. In addition the French had comprised a good army as a result of their discovery of Alexander the Great’ s library and the use of all his military tactics which involved different weapons. France used these military tactics to protect the Holy Roman Empire from the Genghis Khan and the Mongols, and to defeat the English in all of their battles, and any other military force that waged war against them.

Napoleon came to power by the advancement of Alexander the Great’s tactics and by defeating the Austrians and Prussians with few men. When Napoleon came to power, he was considered the worlds’ greatest threat. The reason why he was considered the world’s greatest threat was largely due to his vast army. It was the largest army ever assembled up to that period of time; he had some of the best military tactics the world had ever seen, and all other European countries were extremely far behind France in military technology and the amount of troops that they had. The reason that led Napoleon to his downfall was the mistake he made to take his troops into Russia without being prepared for the winter.

When World War I began, it was an easy war won by the Triple Entente; the only reason why it was named a World War was because of the number of countries involved in the war. When the Germans attacked France, the French wiped out quickly many of the Germans forces. When the Germans attempted to go through Belgium, they were met by the English, who then defeated them because of the small amount of Germans fighting against them. The French helped defeat the Germans by cutting off their supply lines which was their train system, and by surrounding the Germans and attacking them from behind. When the Germans attempted to attack Russia, the Russians met them but to the Germans surprise there were a few amount of Russians fighting in the front lines. When the Germans advanced quickly, the French and English defeated all German forces in their path by surrounding them. The post war affects devastated Germany, and it looked as if Germany would not play a role in history for a long period of time.

When World War II began the Allies were the ones who had trouble early on. The Axis powers were the first to gain the upper hand in the war since their leaders had some of the best economic plans to put them back on their feet financially. France lost quickly because the Great Depression hit France the hardest because for so long the French had a military economy and did not really know how to begin an agricultural or a commerce economy. France did not have a person who could come up with a good economic plan like the one the Italians and Germans had. Russia and the United States played a crucial role in World War II. Through hardships the Allies eventually defeated the Axis powers after suffering many deaths and spending a great deal of money. After World War II the United States and Russia were two of the wealthiest countries in the world due to their change to a military economy.

Presently the world economy is at an all time high. Oil production in the Middle East is at its highest rate ever. There are many rich people in the Middle East because of the oil fields that they own. Gas prices in the United States averages are around a dollar due to the high production rates. The United States economy is the best in the world with an unemployment rate at 1%. The United States has one of the greatest trading relationships with the Middle East, which allows the Untied States to receive more oil; consequently, the average price of gas currently in the United States is below cents.

The only part of the world with troubles is in Asia which has communism and in South America which has dictators. However, due to the oil in the East, the United States does not have to rely on such countries as Venezuela for oil.

Currently the top three religions in the world are Christianity, Judaism, and Hinduism. In the Middle East the two main religions are Christianity and Judaism. In the Western portion of the world, Christianity is the main religion. Peace dominates the Middle East where Christians and Jews live. Most Middle Eastern governments today are democratic-republics after five of the current governments were setup after World War II. In today’s day and age, the world is considered to be in the most peaceful time ever in the history of the world. People travel with ease and exchange ideas easily, and there is no fear for the future.

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