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1984 by George Orwell

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The book opens on a cold April day with -year-old Winston Smith returning to his dilapidated flat in Victory Mansions. The hallway sports an enormous poster of a man known as _Big Brother_; the caption reads, BIG BROTHER IS WATCHING YOU. The eyes of the poster seem to follow Winston as he moves.

Upon entering his flat, Winston dims the telescreen (where someone is reading statistics about pig-iron production), which can never be turned off completely, and which both receives and transmits. Outside, Winston can see BIG BROTHER IS WATCHING YOU posters, a poster with the word INGSOC on it, and the police patrol spying on people.

Winston is living in London, the predominant city of the province known as Airstrip One in Oceania. Bombed sites reveal that some sort of war is going on. Winston tries to recall his childhood, to see if things have always been like this, but cannot.

Outside his window stands the Ministry of Truth (a.k.a. Minitrue in Newspeak, the official language of Oceania), an enormous structure displaying the three slogans of _the Party_ WAR IS PEACE, FREEDOM IS SLAVERY, IGNORANCE IS STRENGTH. There are four Ministries the Ministry of Truth concerns itself with the spread of information through news, entertainment, education and the arts; the Ministry of Peace (Minipax) deals with war; the Ministry of Love (Miniluv) administers law and order; and the Ministry of Plenty (Miniplenty) handles economic affairs.

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After swallowing some shocking Victory Gin and plying himself with a cheap Victory cigarette, Winston carefully tucks himself out of the telescreens visual range with an old book, an old pen and an ink-bottle. These are compromising possessions, acquired through various means; Winston is secretly something of a rebel, unhappy with the status quo. What he is about to do--start a diary--is not illegal (since, we discover, there are no laws anymore), but is certainly life-threatening.

Unused to writing by hand, Winston falters momentarily before writing April 4th, 184. He sits back, uncertain whether it actually is 184, and he suddenly wonders for whom he is writing. Here the concept of _doublethink_ (see Analysis) hits him; his attempt to communicate with the future is impossible, futile. He is no longer sure what he wanted to write; the moment has been building for weeks and suddenly he finds himself wordless. Even when he tries to write, he finds he is not recording the incident which had inspired him to begin the diary on this day .

This incident took place during that mornings Two Minutes Hate, a daily, almost orgiastic ritual of propaganda. Winston recalls noticing two people a girl whose name he does not know but whom he recognizes as working in the Fiction Department, and _OBrien_, an imposing man and member of the Inner Party. Winston feels a dislike for the girl, whose youth gives him the sense that she is a dangerous Party zealot; by contrast, he feels drawn to OBrien in a way almost resembling trust, because he hopes that OBrien is secretly politically unorthodox.

The Two Minutes Hate begins with footage of _Emmanuel Goldstein_, the Enemy of the People, castigating the Party. Apparently, Goldstein had once been a leading Party member who rebelled, was condemned to death, and disappeared to form the underground _Brotherhood_. The symbol of ultimate treachery, Goldstein is featured in every Hate as the source of all crimes against the Party. [Through Winstons reaction, we begin to get the sense that the image and persona of Goldstein are actually completely manufactured, hinting at the possibility that he is in fact a propagandistic creation of the Party. This is reinforced by the observation that there are always new spies, new Brotherhood members, being exposed every day, despite the Partys brutal efficiency in creating universal hatred for Goldstein.]

As the Hate goes on, people get increasingly worked up, shouting and throwing things at the screen. [It is, Winston notes, impossible to avoid joining in.] The Hate overwhelms the members, sweeping them into a blind ecstasy of hatred. Winston directs his hatred at the girl, because, he realizes, he wants to sleep with her.

The Hate reaches its climax when the terrifying images melt into the face of Big Brother, who utters soothing words before fading away into the three Party slogans. The crowd, passionately relieved at the appearance of their savior starts to chant, B-B! . . . B-B! Here Winston catches OBriens eye. In an instant, Winston feels that OBrien is communicating to him that he is on his side; this is the moment which brings him to his diary.

After some reflection, Winston looks again at his page and finds he has been writing automatically



He knows there is no point in tearing out the page, because he has committed _thoughtcrime_, and in the end the Thought Police will get him anyway; he, and every last vestige of his existence, will be completely wiped out--vaporized.

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