Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Are Father's Really Necessary

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Are Fathers Really Necessary?

A. Introduction

In this week’s topic, “Are Fathers Really Necessary,” the author discusses the issue of a father’s involvement in their children’s life. They looked over different types of parental situations, and what could effect the father’s involvement and what effects the fathers involvement had on the child. Researchers presented two different view points about this topic, both clearly stating logical reasoning for their beliefs. One side, which consisted of W.J. Doherty, Edward F. Kouneski, and Martha F. Erickson, firmly believes that yes, fathers are necessary. They support responsible fathering as a way to meet children’s needs. To accomplish this, a father needs to be involved from childhood to adolescence. Others, which included Alexis J. Walker and Lori A. McGraw, believe that there is no evidence that proves children need active fathers in their lives. The question is who is correct; does the involvement of a father really matter?

There has been a recent increase in single-parent homes headed by men. Since 10, the number of single-parent homes headed by men has risen from 1. million homes to .1 million homes in 000. This increase brought up the topic of the need for two-parent families. Being a heavily debated topic, researchers tried to find the answer of whether or not fathers are necessary in a child’s upbringing. Children need certain things in life love, shelter, nurturing, safety, shelter, guidance, and etc. However, does it matter who fulfills the child’s needs as long as they are satisfied?

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One side of this issue believes that yes, fathers really are necessary. Much of the father’s involvement with their children has to do with his relationship with his wife. It is important that the father is married to the child’s mother, and that there is a caring and committed relationship between the two. Many fathers are not married to the child’s mother, which makes the father feel that he does not need to be present, in return making the quality of the father-child relationship suffer. In other words, the quality of the mother-father relationship is a factor.

Research shows that the bond between the mother-child relationship is much stronger than that of the father-child relationship. The mother’s own feelings towards the father can influence the child’s feelings towards him also. Research has found that in cases of strong father involvement, mothers have been found to be jealous and protective. So, sometimes the mother gets in the way of the father-child bond.

Researchers say that they have found that low income, which then cause problems finding a job, and racism have a negative effect on fathering. The psychological stress of this causes the father to withdraw. The more economically well-off the father is, the better his parenting skills are.

On the other side of this issue, there are some researchers that believe that fathers aren’t really necessary. In order for a child to develop properly, their physical, intellectual, emotional, and social needs need to be met. But, did anyone ever say that both parents need to be involved for this to happen? They feel that the most important job for the father in a child’s life is to support them economically. They disagree with everything the other researchers say. Research has shown, that regardless of marriage or divorce, a child’s relationship with their mother is more positive than their relationship with their father.

B. Opinion

My opinion on this topic is swayed both ways. I understand and agree with both sides. However, I believe it is important for the child to grow up with the same sex parent as them; the other parent will only add to their development. I grew up without a mother; my dad raised me, and I can definitely see where I grew up differently than girls with mothers. Not to say that my dad was not there for me, but there is a special bond between a girl and her mother that a father can not fulfill.

C. Scientific Evidence

I did not feel that there was much scientific evidence in this article. The researchers said why they thought a father was necessary in a child’s life, but not how they know that. They had nothing to back it up with. It merely seemed like researchers opinions, because nothing was backed up with how they researched this.

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