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There are two different sections in the poem, both depicting the different stages in the author’s life and the ups and downs of her life. Like a carousel which goes up and down, the author is facing many different stages in her life which brings about many different emotions. In the first stanza, the author is seen to be enjoying herself while on the carousel with her father. The author is seen to be given a sense of security while her father is with her on the carousel. The fragile music in stark contrast to the warmth showered upon her by her parent is clearly seen. Music which supposed to stir emotions and make one feel lighthearted and carefree, but in the poem it is seen as fragile. This emphasizes on the serenity brought about by her father’s presence while she was on the carousel. This paints a pretty picture of which both father and daughter are both bonding and are enjoying many golden moments. Contrast is also seen when the author uses the words “sweep” and “fall”. In the poem, it is said that she feels her father’s arms around her in a heavy sweep of closeness, taking me up on notes which fall. Again, this is a clear example of the ups and downs of one’s life, just as how the carousel would symbolize. In this circumstance, it shows her father guiding her through life’s difficulties as in the fragile notes which fall. The fragile notes may symbolize the difficult times in the author’s life, however, her father would be there to be the light at the end of her tunnel. The roundness of the eggs described in line 5 of the poem symbolizes the circle of life. In comparison to the carousel which is also circular in shape. The circular shapes also go hand in hand with the circular motion of the carousel. Giving deeper emphasis on the fact that the carousel represents our life. To sum up, we can see that the author relishes the different moments of life with her father, when he was still around.

The second portion of the poem states the second half of the author’s life. In the poem, the author states that her father has fallen off the garish horse. The horse in the poem refers to the author’s standing in life. With her father falling off the horse, it symbolizes that her father is no longer part of her life anymore. It has been 5 years as stated in the poem, since her father has left, and not many memories linger in her mind. She does not remember the love showered upon her while her father was still with her and only remembered the last few moments here father was with her, which was him seen in pyjamas, waving to her from the ward. The ward is the final resting place for her father. Now the author has to fend for herself in the harshness of her world. Her hands have turned brown and thin from trying to control her life but she is slipping for her father is no longer around to protect her from falling. In the later part of the second stanza, the poem shows that her brother had almost choked on a Lifesaver until a male nurse had come and save him. On the other hand, her father had passed away. From the incident we can deduce that the author is trying to say that the old has to make way for the young, as when the older generation leaves, the young has to come and take its place.

Moving on to the third stanza, we can see that the affection for her father has died down and her mother is unable to give the same amount of affection her father had given her when she was young. The fire represents her father’s passion, but unfortunately, her mother is unable to rekindle the flame in the author. The author craves nothing more than the love of her father. This shows that the author misses her father and wishes for the times of old to return.

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