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Conflict Resolutions in the Workplace

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Thesis Statement Communication and resolution are some key aspects involving positives and negatives within teams.

Teams are made up of many different personalities, and each individual brings a variety of knowledge and information contributing to conflict resolution. Imagine a team comprised of nine individuals; this teams consists of a manager, quality assurance officer, team leader, and six subordinates. Quality assurance officer is assigned to assuring the new corporate standards are implemented on the quality assurance policy. His responsibility involves inspection of quality assurance program. Team leaders responsibility involves assigning the other six subordinates job specifications, user documentation, and training. The managers responsibility involves the enforcement of the quality assurance policy. Inspections occur once a month; however, at month three, the team leader was missing user documentation and no training was performed. Quality assurance officer informs the team leader that there are discrepancies with following the quality assurance policy and threatens to halt the completion of the construction project. The team leader ignores the quality assurance officers assessment and continues to move forward with the construction project violating the policy. Quality assurance officer informs the manager of discrepancies and violation of quality assurance policy. The manager expresses to the quality assurance member the importance of his position and delegates him to handle the situation. A conflict has been established between the quality assurance manager and the team leader with insubordination being the key factor. How can this conflict be resolved?

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II. Conflict

A. Dealing with Personalities

B. Cultural Differences

C. Variety of Ideas

III. Communication

A. Defining The Problem

B. Clear and Concise (Clarify the Issue)

C. Identify and Prioritize Solution

IV. Resolution

A. Course of Action

B. Compromise

1. Alternate Ideas

. Team Input through Collective Thought

C. Decision-Making

D. Solution


Understanding the needs of the parties involved can help ease the way for solving the problems. When the quality assurance officer made it plain to the team leader what his expectations were, and then explained that there was no room for wavering. Why couldnt the Team leader simply comply with the quality assurance officer request? Maybe our Team leader didnt understand the procedure or process. Moreover, did the team leader make mention of his confusion, no he did not! Part of being a team lead one should understand the importance of completing the standards associated with quality assurance, or maybe in this situation he doesnt. After all, nothing was done. Lets move back further in time when the quality assurance officer paid the team leader a visit. We could not tell if during that visit was the mood friendly or was it disrespectful. However, we do know when the quality assurance officer discovered the discrepancies, he informed the team leader that there are serious problems with his quality assurance policy program, and will take action if the standard procedures are not implemented. Also saying he will stop the completion of the construction project further underscores the seriousness of the penalty. While this warning was strong, there was little doubt about the consequences. Why do we have a conflict here, for the ground rules seem pretty easy to follow? Could it be with the increased diversity in the workplace, changes in industry, and in community our ability to communicate effectively lacks sensitivity. Voice Tone or body language can make a person feel very defensive. The responses can be a shouting match to physical violence or being completely ignored. In either case the goal was not met. Remember the quality assurance officer didnt get a response from the team lead. In fact the team leader kept working and didnt acknowledge the mistakes! All problems have solutions, some are more complex to solve and some are very simple to solve. This problem revolves around respect and communication. During this short exchange of information that involved two professionals, a cultural clash and seniority clash occurred. The quality assurance person was a Caucasian female with only 6 months on the job. The team leader was a Hispanic male with more than 10 years on the job. While the quality assurance lady meant well, she was not perceived well by the 10 year veteran who is Hispanic. Working in a mostly male environment and coming from a culture where women are not viewed in the same standards as in the American culture, so our quality assurance female unknowably walked into sensitive situation. Turning this problem around would require satisfying his needs and hers. Lets change the approach our quality assurance person tried and make it say. Project lead when you get a free moment, lets talk in private. . The previous statement can be called an icebreaker statement, and from there keeping the conversation non-combative and explaining what are the problems and what is needed to complete this requirement. Now the goals have been met, for the quality assurance lady informed the team leader in private what he has to do and the team leader received the message without feeling challenged. Once we understand the problem there in lies the solution.


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