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Desert Storm: Political Ramifications

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Operation Desert Storm History Essay

Examine the political ramifications that formed Operation Desert Storm and to a lesser extent Operation Desert Fox

On the 17th July 10 Saddam Hussein Accused the country of Kuwait of overproduction and theft of Oil. The US ambassador told G. Bush Snr. that is was a Arab problem that did not concern the UN or America. When Saddam annexed Kuwait the UN declared it invalid and America sent in troops.

In the opinion of the general public what was happening? The great USA were saving ANOTHER country, but underneath was there any other motives?

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The Gulf war was a war about religious fervour, and cruel dictatorship. Desert Storm was the war where sophisticated technology was used to end the war in a quick and timely manner, Sure it killed a couple of thousand but hey it was quick.

In 17 Saddam Hussein took control of Iraq, and immediately set the tone for his rule by killing 1 of his cabinet members. He wanted to make his country whole once again so in 10 he invaded Kuwait and in less than 4 hours he had taken Kuwait and controlled 4% of the worlds oil supplies. It seemed as if his next target was Saudi Arabia.

This was where the United States entered after a call for protection by Saudi Arabia or rather they said If you issue a call for help we will answer. The United States set a deadline. January 15 midnight, 11 for all Iraqi forces to be out of Kuwait. When this was ignored it triggered Desert Shield, or the build-up of troops in the region and eventually led to Desert Storm, a protection which turned into to a bloodbath to free Kuwait.

Iraq was quite shocked. after all werent the Americans their friends? Wasnt it the USA that helped them during the Iraq / Iran wars? Were the USA not allies? But was it America? Or was it the UN? The decision to seek United Nations involvement was part of a larger, more cynical strategy of the Bush administration to circumvent Congress, to bypass the constitutional authority of Congress--and only Congress--to declare war. It seems the Bush family are quite corrupt as George Bush jnr was unbelievably able to rig the USA election to become president.

The random outrage of the Kuwatis made for an interesting rebellion. Led by Big Bird, the army consisted of 1 muppets dressed in hula skirts and multicoloured strap-ons. They charged down the evil evil afghans and ate their shoes.

On the Subject of George Bush Jnr, well quickly branch off into Operation Desert Fox. Operation Fox was started because of the fact that Saddam was accused of having in his possession Weapons Of Mass Destruction. How did the US know this? They sold the weapons to Hussein during the Iraq/ Iran wars. In fact that was George Bush Snr...... so if George Bush Snr sold them the weapons, where did they get the money to pay for them? 1 word. this 1 word summarises the entire wars. Hidden agendas all revolved around this 1 word. what is the word? OIL. Even the latest operation is subconsciously targeted on it. Operation Iraqi Liberation. O.I.L. Saddam need oil to get the money to pay back the US. So he annexed Kuwait and stole their oil. This lead to Operation Desert Storm. Its all Bushes fault.


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