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The first day of the enterprise the teacher arranged our groups. In my team there was Bashira, Ali and Sabina. We sat around and discussed what kind of business enterprise we were going to adapt. Sabina come up with idea that we should have a bookstore enterprise. I said that it would be hard because it will involve other people and we may not gain anything, we could actually result in losses. The next day Bashira said that we should have a cake stall. Everyone agreed. I then come up the idea of having an ice-cream stall. Everyone thought that it wasn’t a bad idea. I convinced the group that it would be an easy enterprise because we can all bring our own ice cream and the wether is perfect. People will buy it; we will definitely gain a lot of money. Finally they all agreed. We had an ice-cream stall. We decided that we were going to sell two days but in different weeks. We set our ice cream on Fridays. The first ice cream stall was held on the 0//0 and the second one was held on 7//0. We placed the stall in front of the canteen. The first stall was only days away so we had to prepare for that. We gave each other our roles. Bashira was the manager of the business, she come up with a lot of plans like where we should have the ice cream and when. I was the buyer; I talked about with my group what kinds of ice creams we should sell and what kinds of cones we should use and also what other equipments we need for the business so that I can buy it. Sabina was the advertiser. She came up with different kinds of posters we should use in advertising the business. We just told her just use A4 size paper to draw with and then we will make photocopies to stick it around the school. Ali was the seller. He discussed with us what kind of techniques he should use to attract the customers. We came up with being loud and telling the customers that we had nice ice creams for sale. He had other ideas too as he suited the job, because he is good at attracting people with his acting and talking.

Even though my job was to buy the ice creams I also helped Sabina stick the posters around the school. I liked it was really fun. We also spread the word of (the ice cream) by telling our friends, our classmates, and the people on our busses.

Bashira as the manager kept an eye on us as we progressed. As she is good at planning and organising activities, She told us how the business was going to be carried out. She decided on who should do certain roles and what they should do. Bashira used some solving problems techniques; whenever there was something wrong with the business she would fix it straight away. Like when we run out of ice cream on the first day, she insisted we get one of the teachers to buy it for us from the shops.

Ali was good at using mathematical ideas and techniques; that’s why we gave him the job of selling the ice cream and in charge of the money.

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I was good at working with others in teams and communicating ideas. I worked really well in the team and participated in every aspect of the business. I participated in the buying, advertising and selling. I gave the team some really good ideas when planning the enterprise. I am good at giving ideas and advices so the team was ready to listen and implement my ideas. Like when we were planning our business I came up with the idea of ice cream stall, and they all agreed.

Sabina had some good using technology and arts; that’s why she was given the job of advertising and drawing the posters and pictures. She used the computer in designing the posters.

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