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Harley Davidson

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Bumpus Harley-Davidson in Murfreesboro shows signs of a great retail store through looking at their staff, service, and dedication to customers. Timmy Glenn, store manager, stays busy coordinating daily tasks to keep Bumpus at the top of the list for those shopping for motorcycle products. All employees work together to serve the Murfreesboro area with the service and quality that is expected with Harley-Davidson products..

To identify goals for the staff and to let the customer know what is to be expected when they shop at Bumpus, Mr. Glenn constructed a mission statement. The statement welcomes customers to the store and lets them know that Bumpus “…takes pride in fulfilling your motorcycle dreams by providing the highest quality products and services our customers deserve.”

Mr. Glenn defined the target market as “any person seeking the enjoyment and freedom of owning a motorcycle or searching for accessories to enhance their experience.” The target market can be narrowed down much further, but Mr. Glenn stated that many times people do not realize that a motorcycle is what they are looking for until they walk into the store. For this reason Bumpus tries to be as widely available as possible. The store does a lot of business with people buying gifts for motorcycle enthusiasts. Those people may not aware of the store if the advertising is not done on a wide scale.

When it comes to advertising for Bumpus, up to %0 is done by a contracted marketing agency. This agency concentrates heavily on radio spots followed by the local newspaper. Bumpus also keeps an extensive database on any customer who buys from them or registers on a mailing list. A quarterly newsletter (see attached) is sent to the people and is designed by the marketing agency with help from each department at Bumpus Harley-Davidson. This newsletter has coupons and displays specials for the term. It also informs readers of events in which Bumpus will be involved. Many of the promotional events are determined at the beginning of the year from proposals and past annual events. Mr. Glenn said that any event is a possibility, but will be considered only if it is a respectable occurrence that will be a good alignment for Bumpus and for the event if Bumpus participates. The advertising budget is determined at the beginning of each year based on unit sales from the last year.

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Bumpus Harley-Davidson offers its current customers and those to become customers many specialty services. Mr. Glenn told me the way you treat the customer and how much you offer them is very important in the motorcycle business. He said, “Motorcycles and accessories are expensive and you must take care of the customers so that they are getting more than what they paid for.” Bumpus offers in-house financing, a fully stocked clothing department, accessories and performance parts, and a customization and maintenance shop. They offer pick-up and delivery of motorcycles to be detailed or repaired. The shop also offers highly skilled mechanics that can make a bike a one-of-a-kind. Bumpus offers these services to customers so that they do not have to travel to different places to get the bike and accessories that they demand.

Both new and quality used bikes are sold at Bumpus. They gladly take trade-ins on new bike and then refurbished the used bike to sell to others customers. Their products are highly sought after because of the quality and excitement associated with Harley Davidson. Their clothing department has shirts, pants, leather goods, helmets, and collectibles. The accessory department consists of parts to make the bike sound better, look hotter, or go faster. The shop is always ready to install the parts that customers select for their bikes.

Bumpus Harley-Davidson is maintaining a strong retail strategy to continue serving people in the area with quality and service. Timmy Glenn heads up a great sales and service retail store that has acquired great success.

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