Thursday, December 8, 2011


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“ Who comforts me in dire despair?

Who softly grooms my jet black hair?

Who keeps my suits and coats like new?

Who praises everything thing I do?

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Who scrubs my back? Who makes my bed?

Who urges me to keep my head?

Who can this paragon of virtue be?

I’ll tell you frankly folks � It’s me. “

Good afternoon Mr. Toastmaster, ladies and gentlemen or rather fellow toastmasters…….allow me to introduce to you my best friend, who laughs when I laugh….cries when I cry and stands by like the Rock of Gibralter when the ground beneath my feet seem to be giving way ……lets leave this person anonymous for a few seconds …….shall we…

0th August, 185 a day that shall live in infamy as the day when Mr. And Mrs. Abraham John’s second son arrived into this world. The boy, though petit in form seemed to assure everyone of his presence through his “sharps sounds”. No prize for guessing who is this no longer small boy…. this paragon of virtue is ………………no… its not my brother Nikhil..…..Its me………Nabil Mathew Abraham.

Well where do we start....Ok I’ve got it. Lets start at the very beginning. I was born in the Garden city of India - Bangalore…but was raised up in the Pearl of the Gulf � Bahrain. Those formative years were surely the best days of my life …I was the king of the world……… to roam where I pleased ……ate what I wanted when I wanted and when things didn’t seem to turn out the way I wanted my parents had to face the serious consequences of my wailing which I am told was not the most pleasing of sounds. I was fortunate to have my firm grounding in subjects like Math, Science and English because of the dedication of the staff at The New Indian School.

I then moved to the business capital of India � Mumbai where I studied at the elite Cathedral & John Connon School. During the 6 year stint in Mumbai I was able to form unbreakable bonds of friendship with some really wonderful people. During these 6 years I learnt a few of the most valuable and critical of lessons of life. Some the easy way and some the very hard way. One instance I recall was when I joined Cathedral as an innocent young boy of 1. I was also the most gullible of children. I would never have thought that my fellow classmates of standard 7-B would make my life a living hell. I was made fun of, mocked, jeered, name it and I suffered it. The day of ultimate embarrassment arrived unfortunately on the most beautiful of day’s in the calender…………Valentine’s Day…..someone told me that it was a ritual to give a girl a card and foolish as I was I fell an easy prey for their prank.. I bought this girl a valentine’s day card. Well everything seemed to be going well. I gave the girl the card and just then the girl was gobsmacked because I was the last person she expected to give her a card. Just then all my other classmates jumped up from behind me laughing the stomachs out. Well it may have been fun to them but I surely wasn’t in the most jolly of moods. Not only did I feel embarrassed but the poor girl was also choking with embarrassment. Well that I guess was the hard way or should I say the really hard way. Just for your information the girl I gave the card to still hates me for it….

Well by nature I am a very cool, calm and collected. But there have been times of great aggravation and aggression. There seems to be only one way out at these times for me. Music. My love for music has carried me through the most crippling of times. I guess that’s why I am an avid singer .I used to sing in the church choir , school choir, the chamber choir and the quartet . All of which I consider some of my biggest accomplishments. .

“ Over fuchsias, pentstemons, verbenas and lobelias,

The experts go crazy,

Nevertheless, give me the humble daisy-

It’s not much different in its smell

And it’s far, far easier to spell.”

No , no its not the spelling I’m going to talk to you about now its actually the love for nature. Yes that’s it … nature …..another one of my big obsessions. Well apart from being president back in school of the nature club I am crazy especially about animals and their care and welfare.

The next major milestone in my life is my move to the U.S for my undergrad programme in Biology. When my brother moved to Germany last August, I made tall claims about leaving the nest without so much as a whine. But now as the days draw nigh for my imminent departure I get cold feet and go all clammy as I am unsure what to expect and how things will work out. Someone once said “ the most difficult task is to open a closed mind.” I hope through this YLP the impossible will be made possible……my closed and introverted mind will hopefully be opened up.

Growth means change and change involves risks, stepping from the known to the unknown. This may be my first step to the road of confidence but I know for sure it is the right step. It is the toughest but I know the time has come for me to break free from the tight cords of tension and nervousness.

I would like to end with these words, “ I have learned this at least from m y experience that if one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams, and endeavors to live the life which he has imagined, he will meet with a success unexpected in common hours.”

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