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What is Leadership?

The ability to induce the members of organization can participate in

group activities voluntary to achieve what they want, to maintain

the goals of organization or internal structure.

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Leader a person who is responsible for the motivation and direction of


Leaders have followers who act voluntarily.

Leaders actually create motivation and interest in doing the very best.

They do it willingly Leaders are coaches and mentors who articulate

goals of the organization. Encourage, motivate and counsel their

employees. Leaders always create leaders. Managers dont always

create leaders.

The meaning of organizations a corporate entity that collectively tries to

achieve various objectives.

What is management?

Making an ultimate decision in organization and conducting entire

performance of operations or group activities.

The differences between leadership and domination are that leadership expects the performance of functions to employees¡¯ spontaneity and its characteristic is not fixed, it is depend on groups¡¯ nature.


-Excel in human relations, able to deal gracefully with the public.

-Outstanding problem solver, work well independently.

-Strong leadership qualities.

-Highly motivated.

-Possesses a variety of computer skills, including Web master certification on

Microsoft FrontPage.

The leadership should be flexible on a method of function thus that leader is demanded a vision and an adaptability.

L. Awied pointed out the necessary conditions for the quality of leader, such as a courage, a strong will, a suppleness, a broad knowledge and integrity.

Specially, it is very important to get trust from his employees by keeping fairness and faithfulness.

Helen keller answered, ¡°The fact that I don¡¯t have a vision even though I have a eye sight.¡± to the question, ¡°What could be worst thing than born blind.¡±

Generally, all the great leaders have two abilities that they know where they should go and they are capable of persuading their employees to follow the way.

All people are leader because everyone influence to the other. But it does not mean all the people can be great leader. Do you want to show the potential energy of leadership you have? Where do you want to use your leadership?

How effective are leadership and management in raising achievement and supporting all learners?

To answer this question, we should evaluate

1) How well leaders and managers set a clear direction leading to high quality

education and training?

) How effectively, through quality assurance and self assessment, performance

is monitored and evaluated and steps taken to secure improvement?

) How well equality of opportunity is promoted and discrimination tackled so that

all learners achieve their potential?

4) Where relevant, the extent to which governors or other supervisory boards

meet their responsibilities.

5) How effectively and efficiently resources are deployed to achieve value for



-Peter F. Drucker, ¡®Post-Capitalist Society¡¯, ¡®Condition of Executive¡¯, ¡®Creative leader¡¯. ¡®Managing in a time of great change¡¯, ¡®The practice of Management¡¯,

-Bill Gates, ¡®The speed of Thought¡¯, ¡®The Road Ahead¡¯.

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