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Essay writing

1. Analyze the question; find the key words

. Note the ¡°doing¡± words. (E.g. analyze, contrast, argue, comment, consider, etc)

. Organize data search¨¤ assemble¨¤ group¨¤ rank/order

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4. Develop an argument or theme

5. Plan an essay

a) Jot down an ¡°argument statement¡±¡ªone or two sentences setting out your main idea.

b) Follow this with the list of topics, noting how they relate to the argument.

c) Write a concluding statement

6. Draft an introduction

a) ¡°Echo¡± the question

b) State your argument

c) Indicate the key points

d) Anticipate your conclusion

7. Check your introduction against the checklist

8. Write the body of the essay

Treat each topic in turn.

Sustain your argument.

Refer back to your argument.

Give specific ¡°proofs¡±.

Use ¡°transition¡± or linking words and phrases.

Paragraph carefully.

Qualify your statements.

. Write the conclusion

10. Redraft

Make a fresh start.

Keep an open mind

11. Macro-editing



1. Micro-editing

Sentence length


SpellingEssay writing under examination pressure


a) Take time to evaluate the question, underling key words and phrases.

b) If you have prepared an answer for the precise question asked, list major points in logical sequence on your working paper.

c) If unsure of major points being sought by examiner, roughly note down main points and key phrases as they occur to you.

d) Rearrange these points in a mind map or number them, so that they have a logical sequence.

e) Jot down any formula, dates, numbers or quotations for inclusion in your essay.


The introduction must

a) Introduce the topic

b) State the major areas you intend to address

Stage----body of the essay

The body of the essay must

a) Deal with all points mentioned in the introduction

b) Expand on major points and issues in logical order


The conclusion must

a) Summarize the essay

b) Follow logically from the plan

c) Not introduce new material

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