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YEah i could

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It all began with the knocking at the gate,’ Dorf explained to his son. “I remember it well. And evening some months before you were born. It was the end of a particularly hot day, and I’d no sooner swung the gate closed and locked the wheel into position that the knocking started up, loud enough to wake the dead.”

Ramon, who never tired of hearing the old man’s story, edged forward on his seat, eyes bright with anticipation. “What happened next?” he asked eagerly.

“My first instincts were to freeze,” Dorf resumed, “but as the knocking continued, I was soon impelled to investigate. As I reached for the door, a immense shiver went down my spine, from the thought of what I may soon be beckoned to. As I reached for the door, it swung open, there he was, in his shinny armor. I knew we’d be safe now, he was the amended Knight for the Job.

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Sixteen years we had been barred in that cage of a place. No help, no contact and complete isolation. The thought of escape was a delight to our minds, however our judiciousness kept us there. Not only did the force of the devil hold us, we were being starved from our loved ones. Our reason for living would have been all but gone, if it weren’t for the expectance of you, my son.

As the months past, and you got bigger and bigger. My eagerness to escape greatened. I needed a way out and yet I couldn’t be taking risks with you. With the force of the devil holding us their, it wouldn’t be easy to find freedom without loss. Luckily, the thought of this way of life continuing any longer, kept our heads certain on escape and therefor we were able to pursue the town of Heilormet, to join the fight for freedom. As risky as it sounded, we were to make sure your mother was safe.

While off duty from our slave labour, we planned for the fight against the devils demon’s. Not with spears or axes and not with stones or cannons, we hadn’t any, but with the resurrection of the one Knight, who could save us all and free us from our terror, the Brother Knight.

It was told to us after the loss of the war-to-start-all-wars, that we would be banished to Heilormet, the city of the Devil, for our foolishness and for the chaos we brought on the world. It was also told that the one who could outsmart the devil, could then release the Brother Night’s life from his stupidity and would free us all from the devil.

It was five days after the shortest day of the year, our army had kept your mother alive and you had been kept well fed. It was just coming time for our break, when the sun disappeared, behind what appeared like the face of the moon, brining darkness in the middle of the day. We all looked very confused, yet it was all apart of the great plan. At this point of the plan, Verong marched right up to one of the Devil’s demons. With the demon towering over Verong. I yelled for him to come back, he didn’t listen, he was to close, yet not able to see it. Nevertheless he continued the master plan. Verong told the demon, the darkness was from the omnipotent being, the one more powerful than the devil. He was coming to punish the devil for his mistreating of people and for the rigging of the war-to-start-all-wars.

The demon reached for Verong and through his body into the hands of hell. Luckily it wasn’t a wasted soul, Verong had managed to outsmart the devil, he was a very devoted man, we owe our lives to him. The demon’s disappeared quickly as the darkness continued.

We cheered and were very happy with ourselves. This was one of the highlights of my life. Until the sunlight lit the world up again, the devil and his demon’s returned, no longer scared of the omnipotent being. Life on Heilormet continued as usual, until later that day.”

“The Brother Night, there he was standing in his shiny armor, he was the most amazing sight I’ve seen in my life.”

“What happened then?” Ramon asked.

“That Ramon is all I remember, all that counts is we’re okay now.”

The End � Continued Story � Daniel Juniper Yr.10 18.4.0

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