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Perspicacious- keen-minded

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Magnanimous- noble

Versatile- capable in many directions

Stoical- unflinching

Intrepid- fearless

Scintillating- witty

Urbane- sophisticated, polished

Conviviality- congeniality

Vivisection- experimentation on live animals

Antivivisection- one Although some people that have crossed my path are closer to me than

others, they have all made a lasting impression on my life, no matter what

the size. I have learned so many lessons, been encouraged to strive for

better, and been supported through good times and bad. There is one thing I

have learned throughout high school that stands out among the rest. Change

is good.(10) Without change, we would not be able to experience new things

and live life to the fullest. In closing, I would like to thank each and every

one of you sitting before me. Thank you for sharing these past couple of

years with me and making them so memorable.

1. Epizeuxis

. The Negative-Positive Sequence

. Antithesis

4. The Four-Part Series

5. The Positive-Negative Sequence

6. Tricolon

7. The Figurative Sentence (Metaphor)

8. Anaphora

. Symploce

10. The Symmetrical Sentence

All have left a mark on my life, but some teachers go above and beyond

their duties. There is one teacher that stands out in my mind. Mr. Bump, you

have made such an impact on my life. It was your teaching and love of

chemistry that made me love it. It was you that was always willing to answer

my questions about classes and college whenever I asked. It was you that

was always willing to listen to my problems, help me with homework, or

just sit and talk with me.(6) Your teaching and character is remarkable and I

hope that one day I am able to exhibit the qualities you possess and leave a

mark on someone else like the one you have left on me.

Finally, my family plays the principal role in my life. They are my

pillar of strength, constantly supporting me in all of my endeavors.(7) My

parents have always nurtured my talents and made sure I have had every

opportunity to go after my dreams, no matter what kind of sacrifice they had

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