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Design Poem Essay

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The poem “Design”, by Robert Frost is a very descriptive poem that gives the reader a sense of visual appearance to every object described within it. The speaker in the poem is a person viewing the different spectrums of nature. Describing in “design” form, the speaker relates all of nature to more man made objects and shapes. Questioning of how everything got there is also mentioned within the poem.

The major theme in the poem has to deal with how even the most delicate creatures and objects have complicated design integrated within. The figure of speech, simile, is mostly used in the poem. “Mixed ready to begin the morning right, Like the ingredients of a witches’ broth” is an example of a simile displayed within the poem. The latter simile describes further the mixing of colors in an item, therefore giving vivid imagery of what the speaker is trying to portray.

Imagery plays a major role in the poem, “Design”. Such examples when the speaker describes how the spider looks, fat and white, shows imagery. Another example is when the speaker describes a flower and how the dead wings of it are carried away like a paper kite. The mood of the poem is best described as descriptive. This is so because of how description plays such a key factor in it. “Like a white piece of rigid satin cloth” describes how the moth looks and lets the reader relate the words into real life to visualize what the speaker is trying to say. Assonance can also be found within this dynamic poem. Such words as white, blight, and kite not only are tied into the poem well and do not stand out too much, they also give the poem a sense of rhyme and rhythm. Without the flow and rhythm of a poem, such masterpieces as “Design” would merely be another thought in the writers head, and would not give it the descriptive power that all excellent poems give.

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