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Fourteenth Century Florence

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A comparison of the cultural differences between Fourteenth Century Florence and the present as represented by Dante’s characters in hell. Throughout history many aspects of life have changed between the modern day and the Fourteenth Century Florence. These aspects are the political powers, power and freedom of religion, and family bonds; some of these have been for the better while others have not. These three aspects are most prevalent in Dante’s charters in hell. Every one of the souls in hell has at one time gone against one of these powers, and that is the main reason they are in the city of Dis.

In the Fourteenth Century a multitude of political leaders were born into power because of their extreme wealth. Therefore, they passed laws based on what they wanted rather than what the people desired. The other offices were filled with friends and associates of the king or leader. This closely parallels China, a communist government, which gives the people few options in their lives. In the present day the political standings are more people centered rather than money driven. The leaders are voted in by the people based on their standing on a variety of issues. When they go to pass laws, they have to be approved by a council of representatives, who are also chosen by the people. All other offices are filled the same way that the leader is, elected based on their standings regarding different issues. The souls in hell that represent the political side, the Sowers of Political Discord “… shall be thrown from their ships into the sea and drown in the raging tides near La Cattolica to satisfy a tyrant’s treachery.” (8.7-81)

Closely connected to the government and political standings was the power of religion. They worked as one to pass laws and regulate what needed to be accomplished. Religion was not an option, it was mandatory that the people were Jewish and nothing else would be tolerated. If someone practiced another religion they would be punished. Just when Dante was speaking To Virgil he said “For you are my true master and first author, the

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