Friday, January 6, 2012

Hitler's Right to Punishment

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Hitler is one of the most evil, if not the most evil man in history. His

ideas of genocide and leadership were well thought out but devastating to the

entire world. Hitler is an excellent example of an enemy of liberty. Enemies

of liberty do not begin by committing atrocities; they begin by developing a

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mindset throughout society that includes taking away people’s liberties. To do

this they speak out and feed on the weak minded or people who feel betrayed by

society to gain power and backing from likeminded people. Once this power is

gained they use it to restrict or eliminate other people’s liberties to benefit

their own interests.

The criteria to be an enemy of liberty is fairly broad in that the goal is to

obtain power by limiting and controlling other people’s power. There are

different degrees of enemies beginning with a small group talking about

restricting liberties all the way up to gaining the power to take them away.

The question now becomes when should there be intervention and who should be

allowed to decide this. It is my opinion that as soon as action is taken by a

group to restrict someone else’s liberties, it is punishable. Speaking about

restricting other people’s freedoms is worthy of being questioned but never

punished because they are exercising their liberty of opinion.

Assuming, however, that there are threats to the liberties of society, what

should be done to stop them? Society needs to keep a balance between allowing

liberties but also taking away some freedoms when other’s liberties are at

stake. There must be a clear line drawn between exercising personal liberty,

and taking away another’s freedom. I believe that spoken opinions, no matter

how objectionable, do not breach other’s liberties. When actions that affect

others freedoms are taken, then the line of legitimate exercise of liberty has

been crossed. Society must then limit the liberties of the persons assaulting

other’s freedoms. Once it is decided that the liberties of one person should be

taken away, it can easily lead to restrictions on many others, causing a loss

of liberty for the whole society. On the other hand, failing to take away the

liberty of enemies of liberty can allow terrible atrocities, as history as

shown. If the balance between liberty and the protection of all people in the

society is tipped in either direction someone’s liberties will be assaulted and

the idea of liberty will be corrupted. It is difficult to conclude how this

balance can best be accomplished, but a system of checks and balances seems to

do well in managing people who feel they can take away the rights of others.

This system also does fairly well in upholding the rights of everyone else who

does not abuse them.

When someone like Hitler gains power, he does so by using the dissatisfaction

people feel towards society to fuel their support for him. He makes promises

to right the wrongs society has dealt them. In order to prevent enemies of

liberty from gaining power, society should try to help people feel that they

have legitimate ways to have power over their lives, instead of following a

leader like Hitler. Societies should also insure that people have equal

economic opportunities, which could prevent the blaming of other groups of

people for their disadvantages. Preventing people like Hitler from gaining

power is the best way to ensure liberty for everyone else.

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