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the iliad vs christianity

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, you can figure some of them out. There are many differences between his beliefs and a christian’s beliefs.

One big difference is there belief in the afterworld and the creation of the world. Homer believes that when people die, they go to Olympus with the other Gods. Sometimes they’re sent back if the Gods don’t think they are ready for the afterlife. Christians believe that if you have accepted Jesus as your savior and have been babtized, then you will go to heaven. If you haven’t accepted Jesus as your savior, then you go to hell. Christians also believe in the story of creation. This was the 7 days that God created the world. Homer doesn’t.

Another big difference is Homer believes is many Gods(polytheistic). He believes Zues is the King God. Then there are many more Gods and Goddesses. They have a Goddess of Love and a God of war. There are tons of them. We believe in one God(monotheistic). The maker and creator of heaven and earth. This is probably one of the biggest points that the author disagrees with a christian view

In the beginning of the nd book, Paris, a Trojan prince, captures Helen, the wife of Menelaus, who is an Achaean. The Achaeans and the Trojans were at war. Hector, Paris’s brother, convinces him to do a dual with Menelaus in which whoever wins would get Helen. This makes it look like Helen is a possession. I know in biblical times that women were sometimes treated as possessions, but in today’s society women aren’t. Woman have been given many rights and it should be kept that way. Later in the book, the Goddess, Aphrodite stops the dual when Paris is about to die. She takes him away and puts him in his room. She then summons Helen to come to. Paris and Helen then sleep together. That is what the bible calls adultry and is definitely something that they disagree on.

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Also in book 16 Achilles refuses to go back out into to battle with his troops. He sends out some of his best men. Later in the book he prays to Zues asking that he would bring the soldiers and the ship back home safely and unharmed. Zues will only grant Achilles one of his prayers. In the bible itays that God will answer all of your prayers. That is another big differences between the authors belief and a christian worldview. A Christians God will be there with them every single step of the way. In the book the Gods aren’t always with them and only help them when they feel they want to or when they get something out of it.

There are many differences in which this author disagrees with a christians worldview. However, he is his own person and since he’s already dead we can’t really change what he believes. In conclusion Homer was still a great poet and really knew how to express himself.

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