Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Importance of Breakfast

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The Importance of Breakfast

Your brain runs on sugar that is fuel you need to think, walk, talk and carry on any and all activities. Breakfast does not have to be big and does not have to be sugary. It can be just a piece of toast. It is my belief that everyone should eat breakfast. I’ve done some research and will explain all of the myths and many other benefits.

There are a lot of myths about eating breakfast and skipping breakfast. One myth is that eating a sugary breakfast gives you energy for the day, but it actually makes you hungrier and sleepier a few hours later. Another myth is that skipping breakfast will help lose weight. Skipping meals often leads to overeating later in the day.

Studies of the Minnesota State University says that forty-one percent of children miss breakfast at least once a week and at least eight percent miss breakfast five to six times a week. Also fifty percent of adults over the age of forty, miss breakfast more than once a week.

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A lot health and fitness benefits come from eating breakfast. Minnesota had a three-year study on school children eating breakfast. They stated that there were fewer nurse visits for stomach aches and were healthier. Their test scores improved dramatically. The teachers said that the students were more attentive and behaved better. There were also fewer disruptions for kids being hungry.

Eating breakfast provides social benefits. While eating, a conversation strikes up with family at the table or at school with people at the table. Overall you will talk to more people.

Whatever your choice of food, eat something! If you think you are doing fine without breakfast, just try to change for your own well being!

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