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With unemplyoment and population high, and religious toleration low, it was the perfect time to for English adventurers to set out for a new life in a New World. In 1606, opportunity was ripe when Virginia Company of London, a joint stock company, was granted a charter from King James I allowing for settlement in America. Now financially set, Englishmen in search of adventure set sail in three ships in late 1606 headed for the New World. At their initial landing in the Chesapeake, the men were immediately attacked by Indians and forced up bay to James River, named for their king. Although quite unhealthy, the site provided adequate protection and on May 4, 1607, Jamestown was founded.

The first few years of settlement were unspeakably difficult for the setlers, and resulted in deaths by the dozens. The hardships were caused from a mixture of lack of nutrition and self-care and over kill of hunting for non-exictant gold. On the verge of total failure, Captain John Smith took control in 1608, promising no food for non-workers. This revitalized the colonists for a bit, but they were still diseased and dying, and finally gave up. In the spring of 1610, the Jamestown settlers headed home, only to be cut off on the way by Lord De Le Warr, the head of an oncoming relief party and soon to be their new govener. Things then looked up for the Virginians, but disease still struck and in 165 only twelve hundred colonists remained of the eight thousand that had journeyed over from England. Life in Jamestown was quite a struggle until John Rolfe came with his perfected tobacco methods. With this new crop, Virginia prospered profoundly, and Jamestown was saved.

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