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The Pursuit Of A Dream

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Paulo Coelho, the author of The Alchemist, says a personal legend is “what you always wanted to accomplish in life (). For as long as I can remember, I have always wanted a career that involves helping and caring for people. Combined with my love of science, I feel that a career in medicine would be perfect to me. Being a pediatrician has been of great interest to me since I began my research into medical training, and I aim to pursue a career in this field. Pediatricians are not all about runny noses and ear infections, but also catch the challenge of taking care of children with complex medical problems like diabetes, depression and asthma, instead of simply referring them to a specialist. Even with all the medical training and medical practice, along with being extremely demanding and highly stressful, the challenge would be extremely rewarding and worthwhile. It has been my ambition for so long to be a doctor for children. I believe that medicine is one of Gods many gifts to mankind and I have always wanted to help and take part in helping people that are sick or suffering mentally/physically. I have faith that God will help me achieve my personal legend.

Understanding biology and chemistry have furthered my scientific interest and curiosity, while mathematics has enabled me to think more logically, which will be beneficial in a medical career. In my profession, I want to be able to communicate with as many people as possible, so I chose to learn Spanish since it has become an increasingly popular language used worldwide. In my classes for school, I have always aced my science courses. The other subjects I am studying have helped me develop many skills I feel that would be important to medicine. Chemistry has helped me to develop analytical skills as well as an aptitude for research and experimental projects. Physics has also helped me to develop research and analytical skills, especially data analysis skills. Though my computer skills are not directly related to medicine, computing abilities are of great importance in all professions. Computer studies have also allowed me to improve my communicative and research capabilities. I was a teacher’s assistant for a class that taught children from the ages of four to eleven of how to use computers. This experience, though not medical, allowed me to work with children and to help them also, which I found especially rewarding.

God places omens along our path of life in order for clarity in the future. “An omen is a language used by God to indicate what he should do (Coelho 1). I believe the first omen that took place was when I decided to choose medicine as a career path for me because it involves interpersonal skills and caring for people. It was a sign when I was accepted into a course called MedLink at University Hospitals Health Systems through Case Western Reserve University because it was very hard to get into. At the university, I was able to converse with students and doctors. Collectively, their personal accounts and lectures gave me the information to confirm my wish to become a doctor. What particularly interests me in medicine is the aspect of using my knowledge and skills to diagnose different problems, discover the various causes, and make the right diagnosis for each individual case on a daily basis.

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The second omen that I remember is when I called a few hospitals in the area and finally got a response to Rainbow Babies and Children’s Hospital. They told me that I could shadow and work with the doctor by helping out with the children. This was a sign that I knew that I wanted to work somehow with children and the medical field. At the clinic, I spent time volunteering in the clinic for my work experience where I was able to observe the maternity ward and the technicalities of parturition. I also took the opportunity to ask the doctors about their careers so I could gain more of an idea of what a doctor does. Recently, I volunteered at a Special Needs Project for young people. The demanding needs of the young people made it arduous work, hence exposing me to a daily routine of working with different types of people in a caring environment. Nevertheless, it was a pleasure to spend time there and it was very satisfying to see the young people enjoying themselves, doing activities that would not usually be available to them. I plan to volunteer at the project again next year.

“Loving others, or how you treat yourself, is your own does of your own medicine that you really give to others” (Zukav 16). I believe that when I love myself, I can love others and see others loved. I see myself in the medical field because I know that when I have a career as a doctor I want to give out love to children and assist them as best as I can. I understand it will be difficult and stressful with these long years of being in school, including four years of college, four years of medical school, and at least three years of an internship and residency. But when I decide to respond to life’s difficulties with compassion and love instead of fear and doubt, I know I can create a positive and successful life. According to the NIV Bible, Philippians 41 says, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” This verse is the basis of my life.

I believe that my third omen was when my work experience was a valuable insight into my choice of degree. For the last three months, during summer 00, I volunteered at the Cleveland Clinic Hospital. From this experience I gained general knowledge about caring for patients. I carried out the job of looking after the day-to-day welfare of the patients and to ensure that they were satisfied. Also, I displayed a good example of how to act under certain situations with all types of people such as children, teenagers, parents, elderly, etc. I intend to continue this for as long as possible. I have observed that having a career in medicine requires patience, dedication, responsibility, commitment, hard work, physical and emotional stamina, and most importantly, communication skills. My optimistic and positive attitudes towards life and my experiences have consummated my ambition to study Medicine.

Gary Zukav says, Only through responsible choice can you choose consciously to cultivate and nourish the needs of your soul, and to challenge and release the wants of your personality (1). I believe that if we are responsible for our actions, we can choose our intentions carefully. During the summer I plan to participate in a period of work experience at Hillcrest Hospital. I have also registered to take part in a St Johns’ Ambulance First Aid course in September of this year, which I hope will be beneficial to me. I have undergone volunteer work at a local school helping with both art and gym clubs. This particular voluntary work has allowed me to deal with children, which I am very enthusiastic about. Conclusively, I am grateful that I have discovered my personal legend so early in my adult life. I believe it is important to have a direction to move in, and detailed life-long goals to accomplish.

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