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Guys, I have something to confess. I’ve been hiding it for weeks. I know I have to reveal it already. Ready? I recently got a tattoo!!! Yeah, big deal. Here it is. But wait, I know it’s just a fake one. It the one you could get free when buying junk foods. Actually, my brother gave it me. But the question here is why didn’t I get myself a real one? Well, it is simply because I’m firmly against having permanent tattoos. Personally, I find unclean. It’s not neat and I believe that it’s a cheap way of expressing one self and creativity.

So first, what are tattoos? Tattoos are designs made on the body by cutting or pricking the skin and inserting pigment, or coloring, into the scratch. Tattooing had been in practice for more 6,000 years and has been traced back to the pharaohs of Egypt. Our ancestors put tattoos as a symbol of status. Likewise, male warriors put tattoos to show how mighty they while the female did it to adorn their bodies and attract male counterpart.

Body Tattooing just became popular among the biker gangs in the 150s and 160s, bearing markings of skull and crossbones skeletons. And now, the art of tattooing is making its huge comeback especially within the youth.

So now, why do more and more people are joining the fad? One of the most common responses is that having a tattoo is a way of expressing oneself and individuality. Others say that it’s the “in” thing and they look cool and better with it. Likewise, their peers already have it. Still, some may say that their favorite star like Michael Jordan, Jennifer Lopez, Linkin’ Park or even Robin Padilla has it and they wanted to be like them.

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So why not have tattoos? You might say that it’s your own body you have the right to do anything with it. Well, think twice because there are many reasons why you not turn yourself into a living canvas.

First, what does the bible say about tattoos? First, I would like to read you a passage from Leviticus chapter 1 verse 8. It says “You shall not make any cuttings in your flesh for the dead, nor print any marks upon you I am the LORD. This verse has reference to the custom among pagan nations when a member of the family died. Such tattooing was an effort to appease the Idols they worshipped into accepting their departed relative. Thus, for an Israelite to tattoo himself was a sign that he was influenced by Idolatry which was a serious sin.

Second argument why tattoos are wrong for the Christian is that our bodies are temples of God (creations of God). Our bodies are a wonderful creation of God. To try to cosmetically alter our bodies is to do two things It is to not accept Gods workmanship. True, our bodies are fallen, but each of us was specifically designed of God. To alter our bodies by means of tattooing, is not accepting our bodies as God has made them. Man should be humble before God, and not try to improve on His creation. Second, it is to harm the creation, the body that God has made. Tattooing is classified with scarification. It is harmful to the body. It is seen in the passage that our body is holy, therefore we should respect it, take good care of it and not harm it anyway.

I know I’m talking about religion and I’m sure you are already bored. Another reason why you should not get tattoos is the fact that society reacts negatively about having tattoos. Why? First, tattoo is a mark of rebellion.

Having tattoos are just the same as rebelling against the rules of proper behavior. According to study after study, a tattoo so personifies and establishes a rebellious atmosphere. This lead us to the another issue that tattoos are linked to sex, drinking, drugs and violence. Though you might not agree with this but a new study has been made and it confirms what many already suspect. Adolescents who get tattoos are more likely to have sex, drink excessively, do drugs and even consider suicide than their undecorated age mates. Another reason not to hit those needles is that tattoos are major job turn-off. Tattoos can be a disadvantage when you are at job interview. A newspaper interview with various recruitment companies in 00 found out that where is choice between an applicant with visible tattoos and one without tattoos, upto 70% of employers will choose the applicant without tattoos.

Now, what are the health-risks of having a tattoo? This is where the concern of most parents. Aside from tetanus which could be obtained from rusty needles, exposure to contaminated needles or instruments can increase the risk of HIV and Hepatitis A and B. Syphilis, leprosy, tuberculosis, skin cancer or melanoma are also linked to commercial tattoo parlors.

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