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Student Responsibilities


Class attendance is expected. Students will be held responsible for all information and content distributed/announced at class meetings. Due to the large amount of material covered in this course, class time will not be utilized for announcements, non-course related meetings, etc.

Preparation for class is required. The student is expected to read the assigned readings; do an identified exercises, prepare questions on any content which is not understood; and participate in discussion and/or chat groups as indicated. the student is responsible for obtaining from other students, all notes, handouts, changes, announcements, etc. for any class missed.

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Required readings and activities for a class may be changed based upon the identified learning needs of the group.

The student is responsible for notifying the Instructor in advanced if he/she is ill or will be absent the day of a scheduled test or examination. Failure to meet this responsibility will result in an automatic zero (0) for that test or examination. The student is also responsible for arranging a make-up examination within 48 hours of the originally scheduled date and time. Any student who misses a scheduled exam may receive an alternative exam which covers the same content but may be delivered in a different format, such as oral, essay, short answer, multiple choice, or any combination thereof.

The Honor Code

The School Nursing expects students to write the Honor Code Pledge in full, on each assignment submitted to fulfill requirements within the course. (homework, quizzes, test, papers, etc.) [See Student Handbook] Please make sure you understand or clarify with you instructor if assignments are to be completed as a group or individual work. If your name is the only one listed for an assignment, it is expected to represent only your thoughts and ideas. collaboration or unacknowledged assistance represents an Honor Code Violation.


Assignments are due prior to the start of the class on the date assigned. Each working day the required work is late will result in a 10% penalty. Extensions must be requested prior to the assigned due date. Students who request and are granted an extension will not be assessed a late penalty. Extensions may require an alternative assignment, rather than the previously assigned work. A student will be granted only one extension and late assignment in this course. A late assignment, after the first, will not be accepted.

For your protection, please make a copy of all work [and keep it where you can find it] prior to turning in or e-mailing the assignment.

If sending a hard copy of an assignment or an exam, the following must be attached to your work if you are a distance student

Transmittal sheet [follow protocol at your site]

Student Assignment Information Sheet completed by the student

Assignments [keep a copy for yourself]

If e-mailing or sharing information in a chat room or discussion group to me, please make sure you include your social security number and site as well as your name.


A grade of I indicates assigned work yet to be completed and is assigned only upon instructor approval of a student request. The request must be in writing [or email]. The I grade will be given only in exceptional circumstances beyond the students control. The request for an incomplete must be received prior to the end of the class. If an I grade is given the student must complete all course requirements prior to the end of the next regular academic semester or the grade in the course is automatically converted to an F by the University.

The Drop Deadline

The drop deadline for a course to receive full tuition credit or refund is in the University Schedule book. Please note the date. The last day to withdraw from class with instructor approval is also in the schedule book.

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