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Chronicle of a Death Foretold

Chapter 1

. Rabbits- the disemboweled guts of the rabbits symbolize the death of Santiago when his intestines are falling out. It is ironic that the dogs want to eat the dead rabbit, as those same dogs want to eat the dead body of Santiago.

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Roosters- the roosters symbolize the coming of the bishop

Pigs- the knives that the Vicario twins get are used to kill the pigs. This shows how they consider Santiago Nasar a worthless pig.

Page 1- In Santiago’s dream he was going through a grove of timber tress where there was a gentle drizzle was falling, and when he awoke he felt completely spattered with bird shit. This was very significant pertaining to the theme of Chronicle of a Death Foretold. The mother who was a repudiated dream teller was not able to read the bad omen of her own son showing that it was foretold. Also on that day a thin drizzle was falling like the one in Santiago Nasar had seen in the grove.

Irony is seen on Page . Victoria Guzman disembowels the rabbits and Santiago Nasar is horrified. He tells her to treat the rabbits as if they were human beings. In reality it will be Santiago Nasar whose intestines will fall out showing us that he will be that human being.


Epistolary � refers to a letter

There were very few animal images in this chapter. He wore a short jacket and trousers made of natural calfskin. The calfskin signifies his wealth and stylish upbringing.

Ambiguity- Capable of being interpreted in more than one-way; doubtful or uncertain.


Pigs- the knives that the Vicario twins get are used to kill the pigs. This shows how they consider Santiago Nasar a worthless pig.

Cow- Townsmen are saying that if they develop a relationship to an animal they can’t kill it. They are opposing the claim made by the narrator that slaughterers are predisposed to killing.

Hogs- The Vicario twins are the only ones who know their hogs personally and slaughter them too. This shows that Vicario twins were real killers unlike the rest of the slaughterers.

Pablo Vicario was more resolute and imaginative until adolescence. Pedro was more sentimental yet authoritarian. After Pedro served in the army Pablo depended more upon Pedro for decisions. Pedro was the leader because of his army hardness. Pedro made the decision to fulfill honor of their sister but it was Pablo who insisted on finishing the job. Though Pedro was authoritarian and bold it was his sentimental side that kept him back from wanting to kill Santiago.

A) Faustino Santos- He thought they were too drunk and did not know what they were saying. After they leave he reports the conversation to a police officer.

Clotilde Armenta- Clotilde tells her husband that the Vicario twins are looking to kill Santiago. The husband says she is being silly. Also when they come back for the second time she tries to get them drunk so they won’t do anything.

Father Amador- He is told of the plans by Clotilde but he forgets because of the Bishop’s arrival.

Prudencia Cotes- She agreed with Pablo’s decision and says she wouldn’t have married him if he hadn’t upheld the honor of his sister. She waited on him for three years in jail and got married to Pablo Vicario

Don Rogelio de la Flor- He hears the news from his wife and insists she is being silly.

Colonel Lazaro Aponte- He hears of the news from the police and takes away the knives from the Vicario twins and tells them to go home. He believes that they were bluffing.

Chapter 4

1. Dogs- the dogs tried to eat the guts of the rabbits and now without any loyalty to their owner they are trying to eat Santiago’s dead body.

Animals are seen as food- Cervantes is shown eating an excessively large meal, which accounts for her eating habits during times of mourning.

5. Marquez’s novel shows events that are casually received and in the end amount to a great catastrophe. All the casual responses of the townspeople and even his own mother are seen and in the end the death of Santiago Nasar is a great catastrophe.

10. Parody- A satirical imitation, as of a literary or musical work. Romeo and Juliet died for each other and were inseparable. Angela instead was returned the first night and they lived a separate live until they were very old.

Chapter 5

1. The roosters show pride (Santiago) and their crowing foreshadows the events to come. The dogs show the ferociousness of the Vicario twins.

. Cristo walks with Santiago � and then talks to Yamil- Santiago walks to Flora’s house- Cristo looks for him at the narrators house- Santiago walks home confused- Vicario twins murder Santiago- walks into kitchen and dies

. The briefs were in the palace of Justice in Riochaca. The files were all in a mess and water surrounded the ankles when there was high tide. The narrator rummaged pages of the 500 page brief.

4. The magistrate did not believe that Santiago was guilty. He proves that the last few hours of his death prove Santiago’s innocence.

5. Santiago- When Santiago heard of the Vicario twins wanting to kill him he was not panicked but more bewildered innocence.

Meme Loiza- Thanked God that the matter had been cleared up when she saw Cristo and Santiago calmly walking on the dock.

Polo Carillo- The owner of the electric plant thought his serenity wasn’t innocence but cynicism. He felt Santiago to be arrogant.

6. Cristo Bedoya- Cristo makes two mortal mistakes in this novel. First he spends longer at his grandparents and does not go to his parents house as normal. If he had gone to his parents house he would have been warned and been able to tell Santiago. Also when Yamil told Cristo of the killing plans he regrets not stopping Santiago and going to the narrator’s house instead of Flora Miguel’s house.

7. Cristo talked to Yamil about the warnings and figured that Santiago would have gone to Margot’s house where he was invited for breakfast. If he had gone to Flora Miguel’s house he could have saved Santiago. Cristo never though that Flora Miguel was awake this early so didn’t bother.

8. Santiago goes to talk with Flora Miguel. Flora figures that the only way to gain Angela’s honor back is by making Santiago marry Angela. Flora gives up hope on Santiago and locks herself in the room. Nahir warns Santiago of the peril outside and tells Santiago that he must hide in his house or take his rifle. Santiago does not do either and walks blindly back to his house to await his murder.

. Santiago � situation is ironic for everyone in the town knows of his impending death except him. Divina Flor tells Placido that Santiago is in his room when he is not. Placido bars the door on her own son.

10. Winifrida Marquex is the narrator’s aunt and lives across Santiago’s house across the river (neighbor).

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