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To outline a proposed events policy to the members of the Economic Promotion & Development Committee.


THAT Council

(a) confirm the process for applying this events policy in determining events for bid, development and unspecified event support.

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(b) note that this event policy is being restated now to provide councillors with information about the policy objectives of event support and processes for determining support for specific events.

(c) note that the Economic Development Strategy currently being prepared will address issues relating to the economic objectives of event support and the relative priority that should be given to it.


For the purpose of this policy paper, events are defined to exclude conferences, and as A lifestyle programme or activity which represents a marketing opportunity for a corporation to build its business by communicating with its defined target audience.

Events have had an ad hoc evolution within the Council. The basis of Council support for events started with the Wellington Street Car Race and the International Festival of the Arts. In 18 Council confirmed an Event Development Strategy without a governing Economic Development Strategy.

The Council is constantly being approached by people in need of event support. However, in many cases these people fail to produce a well-defined proposal to back up their case. In this situation it is impossible for Council to make an informed decision regarding the merits of supporting the event.

Objectives of Events Support

Present objectives for event funding

(a) economic benefit, measured in terms of new money being spent in the Wellington region;

(b) increased city profile, outside the Wellington region;

(c) increased quality, variety and vibrancy in the city;

(d) the events unit continually endeavours to promote a variety of events spread throughout the calendar year;

(e) city cultural development and promotion;

(f) that ongoing council support for icon events is appropriate, but that in principle other repeated events should achieve viability without council funding support over time.


Event Assessment Support System

The Events Unit has an event assessment support system (EASSy). This system is designed to provide support information for events in Wellington. It helps us predict the value of events based on economic and profile indicators and provide results on the basis of an extensive survey. Financial Indicator - the focus is on direct additional expenditure. That is, new money from outside the region being spent within.

Profile Indicator - This is an estimate of the amount of media coverage (both paid and unpaid) Wellington receives from the event.

The Event Assessment Support System is to be reviewed before June 16.


All events that Wellington City Council provide financial assistance for are also supported by at least one other corporate sponsor.

Event Categories

Refer Appendix for a complete breakdown of events into the following categories.


An icon event is held on a regular basis whether that is annually or bi-annually and associates itself directly with the city. They are well established, high profile events that attract large numbers of visitors to the city consequently bringing substantial economic benefit.

Over the last ten years Council has had two icon events, the New Zealand International Festival of the Arts and the Wellington Street Car Race.

International / National

International and national events are those that Wellington city wishes to secure in order to gain maximum profile and economic benefit.

There are two types of events supported within this category. The one-offs e.g. 17 World Cup Mountain Biking which may lead to future opportunities within that arena. For example, following the success of the 17 event, Wellington will be favourably viewed to host the 18 and 1 World Cup Mountain Biking events and the 000 World Championships.

Secondly, the annual events which Wellington supports to enhance the Event-full Capital image. The New Zealand Wine & Food Festival and the Lambton Harbour Dragon Boat Festival are good examples.

Within this category it is necessary to have two clearly defined budgets; event support and bid support.

Event support funding and assistance for international and national events that are confirmed. Bid support funding to ensure Wellington attracts top international and national events.

With the addition of a separate bid fund the Council can proactively seek events suitable for Wellington. The events co-ordinator will be responsible for the co-ordination of the appropriate sporting bodies, international bodies, Wellington businesses and event directors.


Events with potential commercial viability that will enhance and are in line with the vision of Absolutely Positively Wellington, the Event-full Capital.

Often developing events stem from a community level with the goal of establishing themselves as national and then international events. Dragon Boating in Wellington is an excellent example of this. In other instances they are a first time event seeking financial support to enable them to get underway, for example, the Wellington Wind Festival and LottoÂ’s Twilight Opera at the Basin. When the developing events are placed through the EASSy system they are placed through for both years one and three, as it is anticipated that year one will show very little economic benefit, but by year three the economic benefit to the city will be high.

For example the Wellington Wind festival was placed through the EASSy in this way showing an economic benefit to the city of $50,000 in 16 and $,000,000 in 000. The figures for 000 are an estimate but the event co-ordinator and event organiser annually re-evaluate the figures at the end of each event.

Funding will be allocated on a three year basis with the initial amount reducing each year at the discretion of the Leader Economic Commissioning. This programme of reducing support is consistent with the objective that most events should ultimately be self supporting or achieve private sector sponsorship.


Events which are predominantly free of charge and designed to bring the community together through active or passive participation. The Wellington Christmas Parade is a very successful example of a goodwill event.

Wellington City Council does not expect to gain direct financial benefit from these type of events, although some, the likes of the Team NZ Parade will bring economic benefit and high profile to the city. However, such events will support the idea of variety and vibrancy in the city.

The Summer City Programme is an example of a goodwill event that is managed and promoted by Wellington City Council. The objectives do not have an economic focus so therefore, it is not included within the scope of this paper.


In line with the cityÂ’s vision to be the cultural capital of New Zealand, it actively supports events such as the New Zealand International Festival of the Arts and the Wellington Fringe Festival.


The current event funding is broken down between the following operational grants Annual Plan grants $ 785,000

00 grants $ 0,000

Discretionary $ 170,000

TOTAL $ 85,000


The Economic Development and Promotion Committee is responsible for funding decisions on all Annual Plan Event Grants and Economic Development 00 Grants.


Decisions in relation to events, where lead in times are short and/or funding requirements are minor, are determined by assessing proposals in terms of the EASSy and the objectives, as specified on page , and making a decision in consultation with the Economic Development and Promotion Committee Chair. The total expenditure to date, in the current year, determined through this process is $150,500 (as shown in Appendix).


The events policy provides for the assessment of council support for events in terms of the extent to which they support the objectives specified. Funding for most events is determined by the Economic Development and Promotion Committee with a small proportion being determined by officers in consultation with the Chair of the Economic Development and Promotion Committee.

Patrick Garguilo Sarah Herrick




Event Category AP Grant 00 Grant Discretionary


New Zealand International Festival of the Arts $ 400,000

Wellington Street Car Race $ 50,000

International / National

NZ Diving Grand Prix $ ,000

18 Club Crew Dragon Boat Championships $ 10,000

World Mountain Biking $ 10,000

$ 0,000

Mountain Running Championships $ 10,000

FloraNZa $ 40,000

International Cycle Tour of Wellington $ 10,000

BT Global Challenge

NZ Masters Swimming $ 1,000

NZ Wine & Food Festival $ 0,000

Wellington Cup Carnival $ 5,000

National Dragon Boat Festival $ 10,000

Futures Festival & Symposium $ 0,000

$ 0,000


Wellington Wind Festival $ 5,000

Lotto’s Twilight Opera $ 10,000

NZ Diving Grand Prix $ ,000

Big Coast Mountain Bike Ride $ 7,000

Wellington Mountain Bike Festival $ ,000

NZUSU National Championships $ 6,000

Wellington Chinese Festival $ 500

NZ Business Games $ 10,000

Asia Pacific Fashion Design Awards $ 10,000


Wellington Christmas Parade $ 5,000

VJ Day Parade

Victoria University Graduation Procession $ 5,000

Wellington Fireworks Display $ 15,000

Sabatini v Davenport Exhibition Tennis Match $ 10,000

TOTAL $ 780,000

$ 0,000

$ 150,500

Determined by the Economic Promotion and Development Committee

The Wellington Christmas Parade is an established annual event and may be more appropriately determined through the Annual Plan Process, similar for the Wellington Fireworks Display in future years


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