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Organizational Culture

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The organizations behavior is based on managements philosophy, values, vision and goals. Most of the research in the study of OB (Organizational Behavior) is concerned with job satisfaction, job involvement and organizational commitment. This drives the organizational culture, which is composed of the formal organization, informal organization, and the social environment.

The culture determines the type of leadership, communication, and group dynamics that are within the organization. Workers perceive this as the quality of work life, which directs their degree of motivation. The outcome is performance, individual satisfaction, and personal growth and development.

Managers are concerned with the efficient operation and profit margin of the company more so than an employee’s job satisfaction. To managers, an employee’s job satisfaction is just an insurance that the employee will be productive and not skip work, and of course, to get the best man for the job. The management’s attitude should give employees a visual idea of how his or her job at the organization is going to be; for once, an image is set in people’s mind it is difficult to change.

Organizations are relying on managers to get the people who get the job done, and of course, make the company money. People have always been central to organizations, but their strategic importance is growing in todays knowledge-based business world like never before. An organizations success increasingly depends on the knowledge, skills, and abilities of its employees, particularly as they help establish a set of core competencies that distinguish one organization from its competitors.

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When employees talents are valuable, rare, difficult to imitate and organize, an organization can achieve a sustained competitive advantage. In order to compete through people, an organization has to be able to do a good job of managing their human capital the knowledge, skills, and capabilities that add value to the organizations.

Managers must develop strategies for identifying, recruiting, and hiring the best talent available. Develop these individuals in ways that are specific to the needs of their individual firms, encourage them to generate new ideas while familiarizing them with the company strategies, invite information sharing, and rewarding collaboration and team work.

Involvement in the organization is also a determinant in an employee’s attitude. From the start, the management must be thought of as fair and consistent. The organization’s workforce must see the manager as a “better” person than they are, a person with integrity, a person who employees will not feel prideful towards when taking orders from. Some team leaders carry themselves as if they are the boss, you have to do what they say, and that is it! Therefore, even if the leader of an organization is a couch potato at home, he or she must show otherwise in front if the employees; strong leadership qualities must be clear and visible.

Jack Pachuta (How does your organizational culture stack up? Pg ) states that in a communications style culture “Mentors and Peers focus on communications. When these Players permeate the management of an organization, information flows smoothly. The culture is one that fosters personal growth and readily accepts the need for change. Job titles are not as important as the people who hold these titles.” Communication is the key to success in any business or team environment.

The Expectancy theory of Vroom (Organizational behavior pg45) argues that an employee will be motivated to exert higher levels of effort when he or she believes that their effort will lead to a good performance appraisal. I believe that the theory is true. I myself feel so good about my accomplishment with a project or any type of work that is done well. Along those lines, a manager should do well if he or she gives the employee a few acknowledgements when appropriate.

In conclusion, an employee who does not feel like they are a part of the “team” will try just to meet the minimum levels of performance, while one who feels like he or she is an integral part will try to go over that standard. Therefore, management must consider each worker as equal importance to the organization.

Management is, by definition, getting things done through people. If managers are to increase productivity, reduce costs, and improve their organizations competitive advantage, they must focus on how to properly manage personnel. Creating effective motivation and leadership, recruiting and retaining the right personnel, rewarding and treating employees fairly, establishing an environment that supports the people and benefits the organization.

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