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Art and life intertwines. Life is non existent without art. Life is art. Art is life. You cannot look in the world around you and not see art. You might not appreciate it, but all things are art. Even Burglaries can be done in artistic ways even though they are crimes that should be punished for. check this out.

The most recent burglary in Ocean City has led to the arrest of Ingrid Snitchweasel at 45 on Monday afternoon. Snitchweasel, the employee who was responsible for closing The Nuts ‘n’ Bolts Hardware Store on the night it was buglarized, was arrested as she was unloading merchandise from her van into the back of Lou’s Hardware in Rehoboth Beach. “We suspected her all along,” said Police Sgt. Leonard Handcuff.

The Nuts ‘n’ Bolts Hardware store, located in the Seahorse Village Shopping Center, 0504 Ocean Highway, was buglarized late on Sunday night. Irv Oldguy of Sandy Paradise Trailer Community, across the street from the burglarized store, said he thought he heard a crashing noise late Sunday night, but had not reported anything because “those damn kids are always making noise; if I reported every goddam noise I heard, I’d be on the phone to the police all day and all night.” The store’s manager, Otis Wrenchman, arrived at the store at approximately 815 on Monday Morning, only to find the store vandalized with a rear window smashed and a brick lying inside on the floor.

The merchandise missing included 6 multicolored beach umbrellas, crab cookers, a motorized scooter, a large, unopened box of plastic buckets and shovels, and various items of fishing equipment. Mr. Wrenchman also reported that the cash register had been left open, and an undisclosed amount of money had been taken. The total worth of the merchandise taken is approximately $4000. Apparently, The Nuts ‘n’ Bolts Hardware Store isn’t the only store that has been robbed in this neighborhood recently. Seventeen other stores have been broken into this winter Season along a 14-mile stretch of Ocean Highway. Police chief Paul Itical confirms the frequency with which the buglaries have been occurring in the neighborhood. “We just don’t know what is happening,” he said. To make at least one arrest has brought a sense of relief to community business owners.

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