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Fairy Tale

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There she stood, at the corner of Park Avenue, watching the hustle and bustle of New York City. It is really happening, she thought. I am really on my way to England. For years, Nicole had dreamed of traveling to the beautiful green hills of England. Then, for her twenty-first birthday, Nicole’s parents presented her with an all expenses paid vacation to Newcastle. Nicole seemed to have become interested in Medieval England in her sophomore year of college. Every class that related to medieval western society available, she took with delight.

With a year left of college, Nicole had been surprised at the enormity of this gift. Not that her family was needy, they had just never had enough money to splurge on very extravagant vacations and such. Her family was simple and loving. Even through the hard times, Nicole’s parents always found the resources to get Nicole something special on the holidays.

With a couple of hours to kill before her connecting flight to England, Nicole wandered the city, before heading back to the airport. Her flight left on time, with no major incidents. After sitting in her seat, Nicole prepared to sleep through the near 1-hour flight. When Nicole awoke, the plane was beginning it’s decent to the airport. After landing, Nicole rushed to get her bags from the carousel and hailed a taxi to take her to the hotel in Newcastle, a couple of hours away. Throughout the ride, Nicole’s nose was pressed to the glass of the window, taking in the sights of the lands, architecture and cities or villages surrounding her.

Nicole checked into the hotel and walked down the street to a small pub and restaurant for dinner. The Ol’ Tavern was a small room with about tables for four people and a bar. It was near empty except for an old man at the bar, the bartender who was also about seventy years old and a waitress/cook. Nicole seated herself at the corner table near a big yet simple fireplace. The old men were deep into some conversation, enthusiastically waving their hands and raising their voices every so often. The waitress approached Nicole with a small laminated paper, the menu.

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“Hullo, dear. Welcome to the Ol’ Tavern. We don’t see many young faces here. `’Tis a shame, all the same, but we do enjoy our company. My name’s Maude. That there is Frank, my husband, and his companion, Ted. Can I get you an ale?”

Maude almost purred her whole speech. Her voice was soft and had a lilt from living near the border of Scotland. She was older, much older than Nicole had first suspected by about 0 or 40 years. Even with her age and laugh wrinkles, Maude looked as young as about 5 or so. The years obviously were not as kind to Maude’s husband Frank for the poor man was bent with age, wrinkled and frail looking. However old his physical appearance, his spirit was very high and strong. It was apparent the old couple loved each other deeply since every glance at each other held great promise of love and affection. The other man, Ted, was less frail looking than Frank, but not by much.

With a glance at the gentlemen, Nicole nodded her head at Maude.

“Thanks, I could use it. My name is Nicole.”

“Very well, Nicole. You look over that there menu and if you want something special you just let me know, Alright?”

“Okay. Thanks.”

Maude scurried away after the mug of ale for Nicole. Biscuits and ham slices looked like the best choice on the menu, so when Maude returned with the ale, Nicole ordered. The men were still involved in their conversation. As far as Nicole could catch of their conversation, there was a haunted castle nearby. Intrigued, Nicole asked Maude about it as soon as she returned from making Nicole’s meal.

“Oh, that castle isn’t haunted. It’s just that those two are too superstitious for their own good,” Maude singed in reply. “There have been a few cases of odd things happening at the castle. At one point, all the servants up and ran off; claiming a ghost with a sword tried to attack them. You see the towns and people near the border fear the angry ghosts from the past. It’s no wonder the castle is abandoned. `Course, people say that the castle Frank and Ted are speaking of has been haunted for centuries, supposedly some old Lord killed by his own wife for another greed driven man. That man then killed the Lord’s wife and took all the Lord’s properties as his own. Lord Alexander, Earl of Princling, I believe.”

Nicole’s head began swimming with imaginings of a Lord of a castle. Too interested not to ask Nicole pressed for the whereabouts of the castle and if it was opened to visitors.

“Castle Princling be naught but 10 miles from here. Any cab driver ‘round here can take you there,” Maude hesitantly answered.

“Thank you for the meal and the enticing tale. Perhaps I will stop in again before I head home.” Nicole smiled a good-bye to Maude, paid for her meal and then headed for the hotel. Once locked in her room, Nicole connected her laptop to the Internet and researched all she could about the Lord of Princling. For hours Nicole could find nothing, but by a sheer sliver of luck she found a short excerpt. Everything Maude had said was true, according to this small essay. So with a sigh, Nicole turned off the computer and the light, crawling into bed with the resolve to visit the castle in the morning.

Around noon, Nicole awoke fully rested and recovered from her jet lag. After a quick shower and dressing in a clean black brushed woolen skirt and a crisp lavender cotton shirt, Nicole gathered a small bag of things to take with her. She grabbed a set of colored pencils, a drawing pad, cosmetics and a camera to take on her tour. She grabbed a light jacket, her bag and locked the door before rushing to the street side to her waiting cab. About 15 minutes later, Nicole was standing in front of a crumbling tower and walls. The tower must have been marvelous at the beginning but the roof had caved in, stones were missing in many places and the rest of the area was in only slightly better shape.

Carefully, Nicole climbed her way over the fallen stones to the tower entrance. On one side of the tower was another entryway that must have connected to the keep and hall of the castle. Neither was still standing. Nicole found a stone nearby to sit upon and pulled out her pencils and paper. She spent about an hour drawing the ruins before packing back up. Nicole walked to the edge of the nearby forest and sat under a tree to eat the meager snack the hotel provided. She must have dozed off after eating because when she awoke it was full night.

Pulling her jacket around her, Nicole gathered her things and began her walk back towards the narrow path leading to the road. Nicole intended to walk down the road to a house not far from the castle that she saw as she approached the castle. However, as she looked towards the ruins, a full castle was lit up with torches. Men walked the walls carrying crude bows and arrows and shouted greeting towards each other. At first, Nicole did a double take. She could not believe her eyes. These men were not from the twenty-first century. Nor was the castle lying in ruins as it was earlier.

Slowly, Nicole approached the stone walls, unseen by the night watch. After touching the stone to prove that she wasn’t dreaming, Nicole turned and ran back to the tree and turned to make sure she was hallucinating either. As she ran away one of the night watchman noticed her movement. Within minutes, a small group of about ten men on horseback raced toward Nicole. Nicole let out a little scream before turning and racing to hide in the forest. Terrified, Nicole stumbled several times as she ran over the unfamiliar land and in the forest full of undergrowth and trees. Once in the forest, the light of the moon sliver was completely blocked out, making sight near impossible.

The men on horseback had split up within the forest. Nicole stopped and crouched in the bushes nearby, trying to will her body to become invisible, closing her eyes in the process. The horses stomped through the underbrush all around her. Nicole didn’t sense the huge horse’s presence until a man spoke from directly above her. His voice was firm, husky and absolutely the most beautiful sound Nicole had ever heard if she wasn’t too terrified to admit it. The man spoke directly to Nicole.

“Come, you’ll nae be harmed, milady. I am Lord of this keep and I will nae allow any harm to befall you.”

Nicole opened her eyes to see a broad shouldered man with long dark hair atop the horse. Nicole glanced around nervously before realizing she was trapped and was too confused to do much beyond stand and accept this man’s hand. At least he is kind, I hope, Nicole reasoned. Please let me live through this ordeal, whatever trick this is. The man pulled Nicole up onto the back of the horse in one smooth motion. Leaning into the man, arms around his waist, Nicole relaxed slightly at the smell of this man. Sweet hay, leather and man sweat filled Nicole’s nose as they swiftly rode out of the forest and back to the castle.

Nicole would later find out that she had somehow traveled back in time to the early 1th century, the time of Lord Alexander. Lord Alex spent time with Nicole each day, helping her to adjust to the life of the 1th century. In time, they fell in love and Lord Alex cancelled his engagement to his would have been murderous wife. Nicole adjusted to life with Alex though she constantly was homesick and wished she could send a message to her parents, assuring them of her safety and happiness. Many children and many, many happy years later, Nicole would die from pneumonia shortly followed by her husband.

It felt so good to write this story. I loved being able to write my story from my imagination onto the paper. Names of places proved to be quite difficult but not too terribly bad. I also had a problem with describing the details and limiting my length of the story. I could have really gone to great lengths with this one. As it was, I had to cut my story short and end it too abruptly. But I was tiring of writing too much and I felt dragging out the inevitable would not help my story much without being able to elaborate upon the entire tale, a near 1 page effort by my guess.

I know my ideas are great in my head, I can almost watch them like a picture show but putting them on paper is much more difficult. I tend to be choppy, disorganized and not very convincing. But I love to read fictional books and I have no problem reading; just with writing and responding to readings.

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