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"My Friend"

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My Whole life is really a blur to me because my dad is in the army and we use to move all the time and really I never got settled. One thing I do remember was the time when something bad happened to me and I will never forget it. It felt like the day was a week.

The sun beaming upon me, the smell of a hot summers day, the cheering of the supporters. It was a rounders match. Head to head with our opponents, we was drawing, and it was our last batter. Of course the batter had to be me. It felt like the world was on my shoulders. My team yelling my name, the opposition team sniggering and cat calling, tension was rising, the pressure was on.

As I dragged myself to take up position, I wondered to myself “Am I going to do this?, am I going to let my team down?” I repeated it through my brain.

From that point my heart started thumping and adrenalin started pumping, As the ball came towards me. It was all in slow motion. I swung my baton and struck the ball with all my might and sent it flying into the sky. I did not stop think, I legged it as fats as I could, taking stride by stride with happiness. On my was round I could hear the team cheering and I was not going to let them down. That was it, My face said it all. We had won!

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It was the break, and all our faces were lit up. The teacher, Miss Lintner, praised us with delight. We had look forward all day for this match because we had never beaten them before. Our hard work paid off.

As we walked to the shop to get some food and drink, so we was ready for the next round, we talked about tactics and positions to play. I was first base when fielding and 5th at batting. The shop was crowed. All you could hear was people shouting and eating. We tried to talk but we could not hear one another.

We had ate all our food and was all pumped up for our next game. We had bought loads of sweets. We had atomic fire balls, Chewing gum, teddy bears and loads more. We all decided to play a trick on Miss Lintner. So Natasha decided to suck a atomic fire ball and spit it out, Like she was bleeding. We called Miss Lintner over and told her that Natasha had a nose bleed. It was like a mini play. Natasha cupped her hands over her mouth and nose and pretended to imitate a nose bleed. Miss Lintner was panicking as she had never been in that position before. She gave advice and all us girls were in hysterics, laughing at Miss Lintner’s expense.

Miss Lintner then realised we was playing a joke and saw the funny side of it. In a cruel twist of fate, Natasha then pricked her finger in a piece of glass laying on the floor. We then told Miss Lintner but she thought we was messing around again. Like the boy who cried wolf. But we was being truthful. Natasha said that she was ok and it had stopped bleeding. Miss Lintner then removed the piece of glass and threw it away. Then to top it all, bad luck struck twice, I crawled on the floor looking for something not realising that there was another piece of glass on the floor. I had put my hand in some discarded broken glass, and without realising it I had sustained a serious injury.

I quickly withdrew my hand, luckily leaving the discarded glass on the floor. I was so shocked that I shock my hand and all my red thick blood sprayed everywhere. All the girls were calling my name in grief and they were horrified to see what they saw. I gazed at my hand, I had ruined my hand forever and I will always have a scar not only in my hand but in my life to. Miss Lintner could not help but say “shit, shit!” She was shocked too. The girls could not help but stare as if I was a alien that no one had seen before. At that point I had a flashback but I could not remember what the flashback was.

Miss Lintner ran over to me and shouted “press you thumb on the womb” Tears started rolling down my face. “what has happened?, why did this have to happen to me?” She ran me over to the main table where members of staff stood. They took me inside and placed my hand under a tap. The cold water poured onto my hand like a water fountain. The pain was not too bad as I thought it would be. They rang home and explained everything, My mum was worried. Mr Hinchcliff came over to me and said “what’s happened here then Lisa?” I did not mean to be rude but replied with “Look it don’t matter, ok” I walked off. I was thinking more of myself than everyone else and put my priorities first.

Speeding down the roads, Miss Lintner and I eventually turned up at the casualty. We rushed in waited in the queue to sign in. It felt like we was in a bread queue in Moscow. Waiting and waiting, I was getting lighter, paler and weaker. We were on person away from the counter, when I spotted my dad, wearing his army clothes and he was seeing if I had checked in. He turned around and looked at me. The expression on his face said it all. He was gob smacked. He had to get back to work and Miss Lintner very kindly said that she would stay with me.

In the waiting room there was only a couple of people and I was looking forward to going in and seeing the doctor. 50pm and I thought that I would be home at 60 at the latest. I then looked at the screen and it said “ hours of waiting” Now come on that can’t be right, I mean there is only 4 people at the most waiting.

A doctor came out and called “Lisa Cameron?” I knew that the screen was wrong. I stood up and nodded my head. We casually walked in the cubical and the doctor unwrapped the bandage and examined the womb, He then asked alternate questions. “Do you know if the glass is still in there?” I replied “No” He cleaned the womb and it did hurt a little but I tried not to think about it. He then told us to wait in the waiting room and without asking why he had already called then next person in.

The waiting room was packed and I had never seen more in a supermarket. All I could hear was babies crying, the secretary typing and people chatting. Miss Lintner had gone and my dad had arrived.

70pm, a whole two hours had gone by! I was hungry, thirsty and tired. No sign of any doctors. Until a doctor eventually turned up and shouted over the loud noises. “Lisa Cook?” Damn it was not me. He then rephrased himself and said “Lisa Cameron?” Yes! It was me. He then said I’ll be right back. And so I had to wait abit longer.

Tick, tock, Tick, Tock, That was all I could hear. I had blocked all the other loud noises out. “Lisa, Lisa?” Miss Lintner was calling me and the doctor was waiting. I dragged myself to the room where he sat me, he opened the womb, I clinched and squirmed. Ergh yuk. The doctor then x-rayed it just encase there was no leftover glass in the palm.

Before we knew it we was waiting in the waiting room again! I could no believe it, and a half hours and all I had had done was it cleaned and x-rayed. I fell asleep, because I was that bored and tired.

0, No signs of any doctor. I really wanted to go home to my big double bed and sleep. The unlucky thing was that I was at school the next day.

A doctor appeared. “Lisa Cameron?, Sorry to keep you waiting” I appreciated that he had apologised, and I was very grateful. The doctor went through it all with me and explained what he was intending to do. I had to have stitches. When the doctor had finished doing his notes he came over and introduced a nurse who was going to do the stitches. She was very nice and very upfront. I looked away when she started to proceed with the stitching. Actually I could not feel a thing. The next thing I knew was that it was all done and I was allowed to come home. We had to come back to take them out but that was not till another day.

After all that I had fell asleep in my nice warm cosy bed and had the day off school the next day. Not knowing what the next day will bring.

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