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Got Your Back

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Tupac Amaru Shakur, arguably the most talented man of the 10’s, was born on June 16, 171 in New York. Shakur compiled an extraordinary resume consisting of various forms of entertainment before passing away at the age of 5. Tupac Shakur accomplished more in his short lifetime than most people

On September 1, 16, 7 days after being shot while leaving a Mike Tyson fight in Las Vegas, Tupac Amaru Shakur became hip-hop’s first martyr. At 5, pac and his music had frequently focused on his own death, but after cheating it once, he was not so lucky the second time, and rap’s own Malcolm X


Got Your Back I read a book about Tupac Shakur, the most famous music artist in Rap history. What many people misbelieve about Tupac is that he was just another thug of the streets. He wasn’t though he had a very kind and generous heart that only the people that got the chance to know him knew. Tupac Shakur had a very deep passion for sticking with his family. His thug life mentality is not what killed him but his love for music and his family Death Row. After reading this book it made me realize the importance of loyalty, and sticking with what you believe in. He was just that, a man with a heart so big that he achieved more in a year than most people accomplish in a life time. Frank Alexander wrote the book. He was Tupac’s bodyguard throughout the last year of Tupac’s Life and he was with him when Tupac was shot in downtown Las Vegas. He wrote very specifically about Tupac and the things they went through together. Frank was Tupacs friend and most loyal bodyguard. He kept him out of trouble and watched his back 4-7. He tells about the fun they had together and all the experiences they shared. He explained it best when he says that if Tupac liked you, he loved you, if he loved you he loved you with a passion. On the other hand, if he didn’t like you, he hated you and if he hated you, he hated you with a passion. Nothing in between. He didn’t compromise his feelings. Its hard to explain the message the of the book because there is so many different messages throughout, but if I had to break it down I would have to say that Frank Alexander wrote this book on Tupacs behalf. He felt like there was a chapter left out in his life. He never got a chance to show people the real person he was. If you have heard his music, it tells you about all the things he went through growing up. But, no one knew that Tupac was trying to clean himself up, and he was on the verge of doing so if only he would have had a few more years to do it. Unfortunately, his life was cut short by some idiotic gangbangers who shot him simply over jealousy. Tupac was a person that that never said what he felt, he believed in trust and friendship, and that family came first. The worst thing that anyone could do was turn their back on a buddy. That was wrong to him. To me its wrong, if you don’t have a few good friends you can trust, you have nothing. One thing that Tupac had, that other artists didn’t was focus. From the very beginning he knew that if he worked hard enough he would make it to the top. That’s just what he did. If there is one thing I learned about Tupac from this book, it was his determination to be the best, to have it all. By the time he died he had it all. He quotes in the book “If I am going to die, I want to die having it all.” To me, my creativity and determination is what makes me different from everyone else. I have set my goals and I am not going to let anything get in my way. I think that is my domain area. Without it I would be lost. Like to Tupac, I have set my goals. While I’m on my way to achieving them I hope that I can do it with the courage and passion that he showed throughout his lifetime. In conclusion, I think that it should be understood that Tupac Shakur was a good man. He was a brilliant poet who could only be compared to the best. He was the Michael Jordan of rap. A loyal friend to the end, and a man with a heart that could only be seen by the people that knew and loved him.

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