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Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

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Saudi Arabia is spread over ,150,000 square kilometers (80,000 square miles), almost 80 percent of the Arabian Peninsula and about one-fourth the size of United States. Located in the southwest corner of Asia, the Kingdom is at the crossroads of Europe, Asia and Africa. It is surrounded by the Red Sea on the West, by Yemen and Oman on the South, the Arabian Gulf, the United Arab Emirates and Qatar on the East, and Jordan, Iraq and Kuwait on the North. Saudi Arabia’s Red Sea coastline stretches about 1,760 kilometers (1,100 miles) while its Arabian Gulf coastline roughly 560 kilometers (50 miles).

Desert covers more than half of the total area of Saudi Arabia. A narrow coastal plain runs through the Kingdom’s western coast while a range of mountains run parallel to the coastal plain along the Red Sea. Along the Arabian Gulf in the east is a low-lying region called Al-Hasa. The mountains in the west of the Kingdom are very rich in minerals with large deposits of limestone, gypsum and sand. The eastern region has the richest reservoir of oil in the world.

Several Arabic and English dailies are published in the Kingdom. The three English language newspapers are Arab News, Saudi Gazette and Riyadh Daily. A wide range of American and European newspapers, magazines and books are also available in bookshops and newsstands.

The overseas broadcasting services of different countries are available on short and medium wave radios in Saudi Arabia. The Kingdom’s broadcasting service provides programs in English, French and other languages.

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There are three Saudi television channels available across the Kingdom. Channel I is Arabic language station and Channel II English). The English Channel provides full-length films, short features and programs from European and American television sources. Channel III is sports channel.

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