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Montana 1948

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Montana 148

“In 148 my father was serving his second term as sheriff of Mercer County, Montana. We lived in Bentrock, the county seat and the only town of any size in the region. In 148 its population was less than two thousand people.” (15) Montana 148 was based on this little town I just described. David, the self discovering son, lived with his family in this small town. As the story unfolds we find the advantages and disadvantages of the town of this size. David’s uncle Frank is the town doctor and takes care of Marie, who is living in David’s house. Marie is an Indian women and becomes suddenly ill. Frank is unable to “cure” Marie’s sickness as well as he would like because she is afraid to see him. Towards the middle of the book the secret is let out that Frank has been sexually assaulting these Indian women he has been “caring” for. Marie ends up dying and when the secret is let out about Frank, crap hits the fan all over town. Wes and the rest of the family is faced with a decision between social justice vs. family loyalty. In the end social justice over comes the family, and they learn to do what is legally right but with there own kind of twist. “This isn’t about family,” my father said. “This is a legal matter.” “Bullshit. Then why have you got him locked up here and not over at the jail? This is your brother here. My son!” (116)

Critically thinking, would you say in the end, Wesley is a strong man or a weak man by the decision he finally made?

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In my opinion I feel that Wesley came out as the stronger man, he over came his weakness which I believe was what to do about the family situation. In many instances I feel he was caught up in the middle. He had his immediate family as well as his close relatives all right there and he just wanted everyone to be happy and being the sheriff as well I think he thought he could do it. Unfortunately, he soon found out that wasn’t the case. “ I couldn’t reach any of Marie’s family. No answer at home or at the step fathers bar.” “I am going to drive out there. They have to be notified as soon as possible.” “Marie’s mother has to be the first. She has to be the first.” (8) This is true strength and bravery coming from Wes. I have never had to relay the news of a death, but it defiantly takes a strong person to do it, and I don’t know if I could. Wes shows his other sign of true strength when he states, “ If grandpa should come here when I’m not home, you’re not to let him in, understand?” “Not Grandma either.” “Not until I tell you different.” (15) Now wouldn’t that be tough to not allow your own parents, and in David’s case his grandparents into a once inviting loving environment. To slam the door in the faces you loved and probably still do would be an entire strength itself, and Wes somehow finds it with in him. He turns away his family and hopes they will forgive him to follow the law and do what is supposedly lawful.

In raising another question for class discussion, Would you forgive and forget about the whole situation or would you never talk to your family again? What would you do?

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