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Jaclyn Marinello September 16, 00

Fordham University ENLU 1010-001

Sexism is the belief that rights and roles in society should be governed by one’s own sex. Throughout history, sexism has been male-driven and accompanied by a belief in the inferiority of women. We have never had a female President, and women were not granted the right to vote until the 10s. The song I chose is called “Can’t Hold Us Down,” by Christina Aguilera. This song basically speaks out against the discrimination of women, and it also talks about the problems facing women today in society.

Some men believe that women should not have an opinion, that they should not be able to speak what is on their mind, simply because of the fact that they are females. Male chauvinism is a term used to characterize this type of male. Many men regard themselves as superior in intellect and other attributes over women. This is certainly not true. Not only are women smart, but we are powerful as well. When a female suddenly speaks out against a male, she is instantly called a “bitch,” especially if what she said outsmarts him. According to this song, when a woman outsmarts a male, he suddenly does not know how to react. The song also explains that it would be so much easier for men if women just sat and smiled, never opening their mouths. A man might also react to being outsmarted by a woman by making up false rumors about her, like a little child. Why is it that a guy can have three girls, and he will be considered “the man?’’ If a woman is going out with three guys, then she is referred to as a “slut” or a “whore.” This type of discrimination is a common problem in society today.

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The title of this song is “Can’t Hold Us Down.” What this simply means is that women cannot be discriminated by men anymore, especially men who do not respect their worth. In the chorus, the words “nobody can hold us down,” are constantly repeated. Women are ready to fight back, and we refuse to be restrained by males. This song explains that women should be seen and heard, and ready to stand their ground.

Our society is still very much male-dominated. Women are still being discriminated against. The song, “Can’t Hold Us Down,” should be seen as an anthem for all females who have ever been discriminated against by males.

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