Thursday, March 15, 2012

Sport Psychology at the elite level

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Psychology is one of the major tools used in coaching at the elite level. It is extremely important that the coach knows each indivdual to the extent that they know how each player is aroused and motivated. Each individual is differnt and what gets one player going may not work for another. There are main stratagies that coaches can use in order to help player retian and achieve optimum arousal. These are goal setting, mental rehearsal and attention control. Goal setting is a vital part of a team. Each individual should write there own goals for the season and then there individual goals. These are important and can be used for motivation and can also be used in mental rehersal. Mental rehersal should be an important part of each indivduals competition warm up. It involves the ahtlete picturing their disired achievable outcome in their head. A coach can also aid this mental rehersal. Attention control requires the athlete to focus on the given task and can also be used in conjunction with dissasociation (the ability for an athlete to ignore intrinsic sensory feedback and to focus on a positive dissasociated with the body). These are all extremely important in workign with an individual in a team environemnt. The physical side however is also important and should of course not ne negelcted thorught out the season. Coaches need to identify the stage of skill aquisition and skill phase that each individual is in in order to create a training regium and program that is effective fo rthe individual athlete and the team. From this assumptions can be made as to the skill and ability of each of the players on the team.

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