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Sports is an interesting subject becasue it helps us to focus all of our emotions into one catergory, one game, one subject. I love football because it combines strength and skill into one game.

Skilled played such as Donovan Mcnabb. or Michael Vick, or even Duce Staley are paidd over 100 million dollars per year because of their outstanding performances. Coaches such as Andy reid, John GutenBurg also help the performance of their team. Key nAme in football will always be remebered not because of their skill but because of their heart and their determination, these qualities are what make 1 moment an eternity in the minnds of fans all over the country.

Im not a big Sports fan but when it comes to football i have more enthusiasm then anyone can possibly understand. I cheer the loudest whenever we win a game.I also parade around the next day about the winning team to everyone I know. When my team loses i boo the loudest i curse the most. the enxt day i sulk around letting everyone i know see how i feel.

Basketball is another sport in which i like becasue it requires skill and speed. You must be quick to react and not make a fool out of yourself. You must have hand-eye coordination. BAsketball players such as Iverson or bryant are key players that controlt he game wherever they go because of their skill. I once went to a basketball game where the competition was so good that practically no one missed any shots. If however, anyone did miss a shot then he wouldn;t be able to show his face on the courts for a long time. he would be ridiculed if he did come back sooner than usual

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