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Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, also known as ADHD is a very common learning disability. Many kids and adults have this disability. It cannot be cured permanently; it will go on your whole life starting as a baby. ADHD is the most commonly diagnosed learning disability in children.

ADHD affects to 5 percent of school-age children. On average, about one child in every classroom in the United States has this disorder and needs help. In every classroom there is about two more that are for the most part controlling their disorder either with drugs or naturally.

There are many symptoms of ADHD. Usually a person with this disorder has many of these symptoms

¤ Loud always on the go, take risks, engage in dangerous behavior, and talk back to adults

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¤ Always on the go

¤ Take risks

¤ Engage in dangerous behavior

¤ Talk back to adults


¤ Quiet daydreamers

¤ Lose personal belongings

¤ Can’t work alone

¤ Don’t finish tasks

¤ Often lost in their own thoughts

Those are some of the symptoms in more detail. If you were to generalize all the symptoms they would break down into three categories

¤ Inattention. People who are inattentive have a hard time keeping their mind on one thing and may get bored with a task after only a few minutes. Focusing conscious, deliberate attention to organizing and completing routine tasks may be difficult.

¤ Hyperactivity. People who are hyperactive always seem to be in motion. They cant sit still; they may dash around or talk incessantly. Sitting still through a lesson can be an impossible task. They may roam around the room, squirm in their seats, wiggle their feet, touch everything, or noisily tap a pencil. They may also feel intensely restless.

¤ Impulsivity. People, who are overly impulsive, seem unable to curb their immediate reactions or think before they act. As a result, they may blurt out answers to questions or inappropriate comments, or run into the street without looking. Their impulsivity may make it hard for them to wait for things they want or to take their turn in games. They may grab a toy from another child or hit when they are upset.

Many people over use Ritalin and other drugs of its kind. In some cases a child that speaks out in class or goofs around is automatically given Ritalin or another drug of similar performance without any other research done on their activity. In most cases this would be considered acting like a kid. And it is no reason to put a child on drugs, but that is what is happening.

Although ADHD is considered a disorder it is not all bad. Many people with ADHD attribute their creativity, energy, and exciting unpredictability directly to the ADHD.

There is no permanent cure for ADHD. But there are many ways that are said to ‘help’ an ADHDer with their disorder. There are drugs such as Ritalin and there are natural ways such as controlling diet. Drugs can work sometimes but in % of know uses the drugs damage the people more than before. They can make you more hyper, depressed or make you become more easily addicted to it and other drugs. Natural remedies have been proven in many ways to be more effective. Natural remedies will not hurt your body in any way. By controlling your diet you can control your activity harmlessly.

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is a learning disability. It affects many people of all ages. It can be treated many ways. Naturally is safer to your body. You can learn to control it, although it can never be permanently cured. “Be Calm’d” help with controlling disorder


“” parental help

“FMS nutrition online” eating correctly with ADHD


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