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A century ago, the first aeroplane by the two brothers lasted 1 seconds in the air and flew a distance of 11 feet. And for the first time in here, various schools will go back to basics by building their own man-made flight machines to celebrate 100 years of powered flight.

Out of a total of 17 teams that participated in the -day Glider Competition on 18 and 1 September 1 at the abc Air Base, four teams were from the the school.

Another one goes off

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The objective of this competition was to promote aviation awareness for the public and also to encourage people to apply the principles of aerodynamics into designing their own gliders - and building them,” says tan, a member of Aerospace, the organiser of the event.

From a ramp approximately 8. metres tall, these gliders are made to take off, and carry payloads of launching carts (weighing approximately 0kg each) in the air and try to outlast their competition.

temantes, both secondstudying in Aeronautical Engineering students said “It was kind of scary and the glider was quite heavy. We can’t let go of it at any time, but must do it together at the same time.”

That must have been in reference to the balancing act they did at the top of the launching ramp, showing great co-ordination as they held on to each side of their glider Kukubara. It would have been disastrous if either had released his grip.

While the wind conditions played a big part in the performance of the gliders, quick thinking and reactions were also important. For the competitors, it was most encouraging to see that they also made full use of their knowledge of mechanics and aerodynamics to overcome the challenges faced while designing the gliders.

“Our initial materials used were carbon rods but we found out that they were not strong so we settled for aluminium rods instead,” explained mohamnad, a studying Aeronautical Engineering student and a member of the SYouth Flying Club.

The winning teams from the School of MM

Though they did not win in the competition, they managed to clock a flight distance of 5.51m. On the first day, team SPMM gained a high score of 15.10 metres but was still eventually forced to settle for the second position after being ousted from the top spot by a slight 0.065m difference. Kukubara, the flying contraption made from styrofoam, aluminium rods, nylon sheets and balsa wood pieces came first.

“Our lecturers have been giving us a lot of support, especially peter, Mr john and Mr Quah,” echoed winning team mates.

Lecturer Mr PQ said “I think the students have done very well. It’s a learning experience for all of them and I’m happy that two of the SP teams got the top two places.”

School win bagged the third prize.

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