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Caste system

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The caste system is a major aspect of Hindu religion and culture. The caste system is called Jati, which when literally translated means species. The caste system is actually a Spanish word for what they saw in India, which came from their experience in the new world. In fact, however, the Jati system is not based on race at all but is based on dharma, it is based on the jati that you were born into. Dharma is a large portion of the system it determines the appropriate behavior of each caste and thus the ascending or descending of one’s jati.

The difference between the caste system and the class system is distinct, yet often confused. The caste system is an ascribed order, in which, one is born into a particular jati and isn’t able to easily ascend in status. It takes lifetimes and generations of dharma or right and appropriate actions to go up and in levels of purity, which is what the levels are mostly based on.

The different castes go from Brahmans or priests, the highest level and most pure, to the warriors, to the Kstriya the politicians, to the Vaisya or common people, to finally the Sudra or slaves. There is also a group of people who are considered “untouchable”. These people are often leather workers, sewage workers, or people who’s lives are considered very polluting in some way. While here in the western world that may seem a well paying respectable job it is not looked at the same way in Hindu culture. The most important thing to them is not money, but purity. These jobs of leather working, working with anything that is dead, or working with sewage, obviously a very polluting job is considered very destructing to one’s level of purity.

The higher caste members have to be more careful with their encounters with other people of lower castes or anything that might be polluting. They have to be very conscious of who and what they come into contact with and perform rituals and cleansings when they do. When people come into contact there is a physical exchange of their atoms and matter and that can be harmful to one’s purity if there is an exchange with someone of a lower Jati.

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There are further distinction of the castes within one’s own Jati, and it gets to be very specific and a bit complicated when it comes to marriages, ect. Each of these castes are meant to stick with each other while at the same time have to be so many generations apart from relatives to be married. For example, within the Vaisya caste there are farmers, herders, ect., and there is a very specific order of jati within it as in the other five castes.

The Jati system is based on the level of purity one has reached. The ascension from one level to the next is a difficult, long process that takes generation and is very easy to fall down again by encountering pollutions.

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