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Section 1

Treason and how laws are in affect


Treason and slaves

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States can join union but can’t split into more little states can’t combine multiple states

Section 4

Guaranteed safety from invasion, provided by the gov’t

Article 5

Making amendments

But can’t make or change until after 1808

Article 6

Still will pay off debts

Constitution will be supreme law of the land

Any political office, must say an oath, do not have to pass a religious test to hold office

Article 7

of the 1 states need to agree to sign it ( the constitution)

Amendment 1

Freedom of speech

Freedom of religion

Freedom of Press

Freedom to peaceably get together


Right to bear arms


No soldier during piece time shall be quartered in your home

Amendment 4

Government Must get a warrant to go into your house and through your stuff

Amendment 5

Can’t be tried for the same crime twice, due process of law, double jeopardy

Amendment 6

Deals with accused person

Right to a speedy trial, allowed to have a counsel

Government has to tell you what you are being convicted of

Right to an impartial jury

Can have witnesses in your favor

Can talk with people who have info against you

Amendment 7

If something of yours worth more than 0 dollars is damaged by someone else, you can have a trial with a jury

Amendment 8

No cruel or unusual punishment for a crime


Just cause it’s not written here, doesn’t mean it’s not a law

Amendment 10

Powers not prohibited by constitution, left to states

Amendment 11

Citizen of one state can not sue another state.

Amendment 1

If tie in electoral college, the house will vote

Qualifications for vice president and president the same

Amendment 1

Abolishing slavery

Congress can make laws to enforce this amendment

Amendment 14

Recently freed slaves born in the US have rights too

Right to vote 1 and US citizen

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