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Death & Justice

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Edward I. Koch reviews in Death and Justice a variety of excuses to abolish the death penalty. He argues the importance of the death penalty as well as, argues excuses of the death penalty opponents. He argues ethical and political reasoning to the importance and support of the death penalty. In his question “did their (death row convicts opposed to the death penalty) newfound reverence for life stem from the realization that they were about to lose their own?” provided a thoughtful wrenching opportunity for the reader. The question permitted thought and a powerful counter argument to the convict’s defensive objection to the death penalty. Koch’s question defended the death penalty by merle questioning the intent of convict’s argument of ending the death penalty. The question implied that the intent of the convicts were only to save their lives with total disregard to their victims.

In Koch’s writings he is also able to dispel even the arguments of Mr. Adam Bedau “one of the most implacable foes of capital punishment in this country.” He informs his readers that even “the most implacable foes of capital punishment” has a debatable argument. Mr. Bedau argues that the death penalty should be abolished due to the possibility that an innocent person might be sentenced to death. Koch rebuts with an argument of a minor factorial possibility of sentencing an innocent person to death. “He sites a study of the 7,000 executions in the country from 18 to 171, and concludes that the record fails to show that such cases occur. “ Koch also retaliates with stating “if government functioned only when the possibility of error didn’t exist, government wouldn’t function at all.”

In an opposing essay, Execution by Anna Quindlen, her opposing stance is hypocritical, yet has the same outcome as her counterparts, to end the death penalty. She takes a position of morale, that the death penalty will not give those mourning the murder of their loved one the gratification that they are seeking. Hypocritical, she states an opposition to the death penalty, she stated that she would want to kill a person that harmed one of her children. Further, she states that the government does not rightful permit an emotional penalty for parents of murdered children to take matters in their own hands, which is the gratification they are searching for. She concluded with the issue that the death penalty would not give the “eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth” ending that loved one are looking for, so there for abolishing the penalty.

Mr. Koch’s defensive and criticizing approach to the opponents of the death penalty is more aggressive than Ms. Quindlen’s passive approach. In Mr. Koch essay he individual states his opponent’s positions and then rebuts the arguments with statistics and personal experience.

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As a former mayor of New York and formally residing in the U.S. House of Representatives he devoted majority of the essay to defending the death penalty because he has a long-term commitment to fighting crime. He devotes his essay to rebutting his opponents because wants to make the point of the necessity and reasons for the death penalty such as maintaining the quality of human life and the need for maintaining a civilized community.

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