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Dream Outline

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Dream Outline

Specific Goal I want my audience to understand the five diffrent types of dreams.


I. Why does the eye see a thing more clearly in dreams than the mind while asleep? Leonardo Da Vinci

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II. Everyone Dreams. Whether it ghosts, rainbows, goblins, unicorns, sex, food, ax murders, kisses, Brintney Spears, Bradd Pitt, ex boyfriends or ex girlfriends, or even dream about your wedding reception. We all have dreamnt at some point in life sometimes out dreams take important events, thoughts, ideas, even premenisions to describe out past, present and possibly fortelling your future. We dream about our worries, hopes, fantasies, goals, wants, needs, and expextations.

Thesis Statement The five diffrent types of dreams are explanatory dreams, nightmares, reacurrent dreams, out of body dreams, and past life dreams.


I. Explantaory dreams are dreams that explain your everyday problems.

A.) In this dream you recieve all the information you need in order to solve any problem you may be unable to accept.

B.) These types of dreams tend to be very symbolic and it may be very difficult to understand the problem you need resolved.

C.) If a person is unable to accept,and understand the dream, it may becaome more strange and complicated for them to understand the problem.

II. Nightmares are never pleasant dreams but tend to be specific fears or worriers the dreamer might have.

A.) A nightmare is never pleasantly vivid, there usually very violent dreams that tend to awake a dreamer from their sleep.

B.) Although most people do have nightmares throughout their lives, nightmares usually stem from unresolved issues from a persons life tend to happen during stressful periods in ones life.

C.) Having a nightmare does not indicate you have a sleep disorder or does not mean you have a psychological problem and they very seldomly do.

III. Do you ever feel like your watching a rereun? Thats usually how it feels when you are experiencing a reaccuring dream.

A.) Reaccurent dreams are usually like the replaying of dvds or movies.

B.) The reaccuring dreams can occur monthly, or once yearly or night after night.

C.) The subject of this issue hasnt been resolved and probably has bothered you for years, triggering your subconcious.

IV. Out of body dreams occur when your body has left your present body, and has left the rested state.

A.) Everyone who has had an out of body dream dream during sleep have left their body.

B.) Out of body dreams are generally very realistic and very vivdly colored.

C.) In a awake state the senasation is called deja vu, it might be beacuse you had pre dreamnt the present.

V. Symbols and events that deal with another time are called past life dreams.

A.) Dreams that are very bright,vivid, realistic, and has nothing to do with your present life belong to another time, either a earlier time or possibly a past life.

B.) Past life dreams happen when you may be attempting to discover or understand your present life.

C.) When you meet a person or go to a place you might have been before in a past life these factors may trigger this kind of dream.


I. Dreams are a way for us to cope with all our information and experiences that make up our lives. If you pay attention to your dreams you may learn to resolve problems in your life helping you better understand yourself.

II. Since youll be spending nearly a third of your life sleeping really try to undersatnd the meaing behind your dreams. You dreaming is the minds natural way of coping and maintaing sanity in life.

III. Anthing the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve! Anonymous Author


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